Merge of MM6, MM7, and MM8 on base of MM8, using MMExtension.

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  • Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven 25th Anniversary

    Who could say, that this game would be still alive? And yet, it's.

    It does live and prosper, parting not only in "Limited Edition at Gog" but also bashing in continuous modding support to be playable, enjoyable, comfortable and getting some extra love from

  • MM Merge - A talk with Rodril

    For some time you can watch developing of MM Merge, which is merging Might & Magic 6-7-8 on MM8 engine. And we felt that there is a right time to ask a few questions about the mod, current state and purpose.

    Were you thinking about putting MM Merge to MM8 engine even before?
    Yes, when I played MM6 and suddenly it turned out that the characters could not become liches, and the enemies, raised with dark magic, kept being agressive, then I wanted to somehow