Might & Magic VI - The Mandate of Heaven

  • Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven 25th Anniversary

    Who could say, that this game would be still alive? And yet, it's.

    It does live and prosper, parting not only in "Limited Edition at Gog" but also bashing in continuous modding support to be playable, enjoyable, comfortable and getting some extra love from

  • Matt Chat 481: Might and Magic World of Xeen

    Matt Chat 481: Might and Magic World of Xeen

    The always excellent Matt Barton plays Might and Magic World of Xeen. smile9

  • Happy Christmas 2021

    Celestialheavens wish you Happy Christmas all Roundtablers and our faithful readers and contributors, being from the past, present or the future ones.

    Merry Christmas, steady health and ability to sustain your good mood in any times, twice in these enchanted period.

    And, ..a lots of presents! Shall not forget this. :)

    As a small Christmas gift, we prepared a mod overviews, to play the old

  • Upcoming interview with Marcus Pregent

    The time has come for us to book in our next interview!

    This time, we will be sitting down with Marcus Pregent, who worked as a level designer of Might and Magic VI, then progressed to Heroes of Might and Magic 3 for which he made the Armageddon's Blade campaign and some more single scenarios. One of the more notable ones being "Faeries".
    He was also involved in Shadow of Death, creating

  • Overview

    Overview of MM6

    Note: All content from this section, with the exception of the introduction below, originally appeared on Mandate Mania and was reprinted with permission. We wish to thank David Potts and his team of contributors for their outstanding work.