Dragoness: Command of the Flame

Dragoness: Command of the Flame was released at 1st Sept, present reviews are positive, albeit scarce. It's indeed having part of hommlike mechanic, most similar are battlefields but rest is closer to King's Bounty. Game stays on its own, there's 10% sale ongoing till 8th Sept, so you can go yourself and check.

  • You are getting your own base, from which your are fulfilling missions. You have one hero and army. (Campaign map is huge, there are seen more bases, in each region one.)
  • Units can be merged to be stronger, in each battle all sides are getting "shield points", so if you are not damaged behind that, you have no actual losses.
  • Both, hero an units can cast spells. Hero is otherwise not taking direct part in the combat.
  • Objects are supported, like "Healing Tent", "Cursing Tent" etc..
  • There are very nice loading screens, similar to KB.
  • It's a story based but, apart from authors, nobody knows now, what it will be. It all started with two Dragons clash.. (So there likely will be 'many' recruitable dragons later, in the game)
  • In your base there's very nice town management.
  • If your only and one commanderes die, it can be ressurected in the town, in three differents forms. Each of them is best at something else. 
  • Not spotted yet anything like campaign/map/mission/modding editor. Most likely won't be presented.
  • Controls are simple, not noticed keyboard shortcuts in the combat thoughs. Neither autocombat.
  • You need to keep your units fed, otherwise your army is weakened. The army can survive without any food supply for 8 days.
  • Very nice music, thumbs up!
  • Movement on the map is quick for me.
  • There's demo available and after buying the full game, you can continue from where you started.
  • FAQ if you would need more answers
  • Check our tag, if would like to know more, like minimal requirements.



Spellforce: Conquest of Eo

Another fantasy game in the development, in this case it will be similar to Master of Magic, so it could be bit akin to our audience. This is Spellforce: Conquest of Eo, worthy of check. Known is quite more atm. Thanks Blake & Vicwaberub for info!

1C Entertainment to Fulqrum Games

After aquisition by Tencent, polish videogames group 1C Entertainment changed its name to Fulqrum Games. Read a notice.