When trying to free a hero in a standard SoD map, the following message popped up. No one has an explanation for this, not even veteran player Motorschaaf. Submitted by Mystic Phoenix.
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"Since it gives me a lot of fun to level the comanders, I startet a contest on my fanpage. Wou might want to enter. Nothing to win, only glory and honor!" Submitted by Darksir_Ditje.
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"Either someone at nwc doesn't know their alphabet or the beserker got a name change at some point. Would could the old name have been? Odd." Submitted Psychobabble
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"This was a -morale script, something very strange happened." Submitted by Court Arney.
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"Our beloved Quick Combat is even worse than I thought. I couldn't achieve such losses manually in this fight even when trying to." Submitted by Ethric.
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"How often do players use an army of 7 heroes?They are quite strong, but experience points distributed among the heroes would be small after a battle." Submitted by Paladin.
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I noticed this phenomenon when I was working on my new map. Did I just invent the Mountainer Hero Class? Submitted by Marelt Ekiran.
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"The difference between novice and champion is a bit more noticeable in neutral garrisons compared to wandering creatures. Both pics from day 1, creature stacks set at an unspecified number." Submitted by Ethric.
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"A company of sea monsters rest comfortably inside the Sea Sanctuary. To bad the sanctuary doesn't provide them complete safety from hunters..." Submitted by Thunderfall
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"The combination of the Quicksand spell and the Halberd of Swiftwatch will keep enemies at bay (look at the sword cursor)." Thanks Paladin.
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