Ironsand Desert (Rust Village)



Expert teachers:

  • S: Regeneration

Master teachers:

  • W: Staff
  • M: Water

GM Teachers:

  • Leather, Body Building


  • None

Magic shops:

  • None

Quests (Short term):

  • Potion of Pure Endurance
  • Save the Huts
  • Vilebite’s Ashes
  • Find Ancient Troll Home
  • Bring Troll back to Alvar

Quests (for later in game):

  • Plane of Fire


  • Troll Tomb
  • Cyclops Larder
  • Dragon Cave
  • Fire Tunnel


  • West to Alvar
  • South to Shadowspire

Ironsand has no shops or trainers, and does not have a central fountain (so you can't get here with a Town Portal spell.) But, it does have arguably the most important teacher in the game (master Water – giving you access to the Town Portal spell.). It also, with a bit of a trick, gives you another dragon for your party. The safest way to get here early in the game is NE out of Alvar. The bad news is that forces you to fight through a lot of wasps. The good news is that avoids Shadowspire, which is way over your head for a while!

  1. Cyclops larder: Even getting to the outside of this dungeon (in the SE) is tough! There are so many of them, and they are so tough, that you should put this off until later. Inside, it is a straight-forward dungeon. A switch in a small room (beyond the fire pit) opens a hidden elevator to a lower area. Down there are several chests of goodies. One contains the "Remains of Korbu" (a Shadowspire quest.)
  2. Dragon Cave. Up in the NW corner of Ironsand is a cave. If you have flying skills (or the dragon from Garrote Gorge) and Invisibility, then you will really like this cave, If not, you will last about 3.7 seconds inside. Enter it while invisible. Sneak past all the dragons. To your left when you enter the 2nd cavern is a chest that has great stuff, including at least one rare item. Make sure you save first, because the blast from its trap will kill off all or most of your party unless you're lucky. At the far end of this same room is Flamdring’s cave. He will offer to join your party. (You meet him back at the mercenary guild in Ravenshore, later.)
  3. Fire tunnel. This is hard to find, and the outside is guarded by a horde of gogs. It is recessed, north of the village of Rust, on the western edge of the lake of fire. It leads to the portal to the plane of fire (for MUCH later in the game.) But midway through it is a side passage to a chest in the middle of a lava pool. The chest is well-trapped with fireballs. Use levitate, a telekinesis spell or scroll, or just take your chances. Like the chest in Flamdring’s cave, there's a rare artifact in the chest.
  4. Troll Tomb. This is a critical, though relatively easy, quest. You need to take Vilebite’s ashes down to his tomb, or the troll will nor return to Alvar with you. There's no way to draw a map of this place – far too complex! But, there's an easy way to get through it. Always hug the right-hand wall. Whenever there is a choice, go right. If there is no right turn, then go straight. Only go left if there is no choice. (BTW -- it should also work if you always go left.) Finally you come to the crypt. Put the ashes on the tomb at the far end, and return, still hugging the right wall. Return to the Overdune house.
  5. Troll’s Ancient home. This is found in Murmurwoods.
  6. Save the Houses from fire. Six huts need to be saved. You are given three fire potions. I was never able to find three more (including in shops in other towns) and never bother with alchemy skills so I couldn't make three more.