• Jaarl: Break the ice
  • Jaarl: Eliminate Yanmir
  • Scholar --> Lich promotion quest
  • Crusader --> Ranger promotion quest
  • Healer --> Druid promotion quest
  • Ruined Temple (Priest promotion)
  • Beer Quest
  • Nathli Consecration Ritual (Priest promotion)
  • Weapons and Armor: None
  • Magic: None
  • Specialties: All except meditation
  • Grandmaster Training: None
  • Scholar --> Lich
  • Crusader --> Ranger
  • Healer --> Druid
  • Inside the magic shop in a cave in the SE corner of the city
  • Mon: Lindisfarne (After ice Quest)
  • Tues: Thronheim (After ice Quest)
  • Wed: Sturmford (After ice Quest)
  • Thurs: Guberville (After ice Quest)
  • Fri: Thjorgard (After ice Quest)
  • Sat: None
  • Sun: Drangheim (After ice Quest)
  • None
Frosgard City
Frosgard is similar to Thjorgard in terms of trainers (though MUCH less expensive).

The city contains the Promotion Masters for Druids, Liches, and Rangers.

Break the Ice
No ... nothing to do with getting the wallflowers onto the dance floor. The dock is frozen solid. The Jaarl needs it freed up to get critical supplies to the city.

Hint: Wonder if there's any way to blast through the jam?

SPOILER: Check the explosives seller in the W side of the city. Talk to him, get his help, then shoot the barrels he delivers.

Druid Promotion Quest

WARNING: Make sure you have read the "Bugs and ONE HUGE WARNING" section about the serious Promotion Lockout Issue before you do this!!!

Since I had no druid wannabes in my party I did not take this quest, and suspect there might have been a part 2 that I missed. (Thanks Nichole -- Nope, just the Green man Quest.)

Menja asks you to find the Green Man. Easy. He's down in the SE corner of Frosgard. Lots of wolves and Yetis will slow your travels, but the green Man is easily found near the base of the large tree.

Yanmir's Fort The Jaarl has one more problem ... a man-mountain named Yanmir. Problem is, you have to kill him, but he can't be killed by you! The only answer is the Jaarl's vague reference to "tricking him."

To get to the Fort, travel through the ice caves starting north of the Green Man and go to the transporter at the NE corner of Frosgard.

Enter and go north. A scroll you will find amidst the goodies in the Sage's bedroom is a critical clue as to how to get rid of Yanmir. Lot's of treasure and loot along the way to solving this.

When you pass through the throne room you will probably catch sight of Yanmir to the south. Ignore him, enter his bedroom, and battle the yetis to get to a nice chest.

Head E out of the throne room, then S. Ignore, for now, the room shown on the map with the secret door into the secret passage.

Sweep through the rest of the Fort. Many chests. Lots of treasure. You will find two groups of kids locked up in cages (see "Children's Quest.")

Finally, when everything except Yanmir is complete, head back to the secret door to the secret passage. The note from the sage you found earlier gives you the answer!

Major spoilers below map.

SPOILER: whack all of the beams, both sides, then get out of there. Yanmir (in a cutscene) will do the rest.

Children's Quest? The kids seem just begging to be freed, except there's no way to unlock their cages. As well --- there is no one I found that asked for a "Save the Children" quest. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks timeetyo! Timeetyo found that there is a key sitting on the throne! Problem is, it is too high to reach! Get it (spolier below) and free the kids! Kreegor and HipShot add that the kids follow only part way, and do not seem to appear back in Frosgard when you return.

Who gave this quest???

(SPOILER -- per timeetyo, there's a box you can slide over that lets you jump up to the throne!)

Ranger Promotion Quest

WARNING: Make sure you have read the "Bugs and ONE HUGE WARNING" section about the serious Promotion Lockout Issue before you do this!!!

Fenja in Frosgard City gives you these two quests.

  • The Bow "Everstrike:" -- IMHO, the most powerful weapon in the game! Can only be used by a ranger. 100% accuracy. 40-50 points damage per arrow. A GM with three arrows can cause a LOT of trouble, at VERY long range, with a weapon like this! The bow is in the caverns below the Dook's Castle. See the walkthrough in the Guberland pages.
  • Pass through the Dungeon of Secrets without tripping any alarms. At first this dungeon really bugged me -- seemed to be more appropriate for Lara Croft than Vox the Mighty, Invincible Ranger Before Whom All Mortals Quake! (Or, actually, Vox the senile archer with the warped bow.) Too much thumbriding and reflexes. But the quest grew on me when I realized it is absolutely appropriate for a ranger (GM in Perception, etc.) and when I found it takes more thought than reflexes. The problem is a weak game design that gives too little feedback. You can make it through, and not have a clue why you failed. Here's the secret.
    • The key is to not trip ANY traps, not just the ones during the "official, timed tests." If you open a door and the axe falls, you lost. So, for the doors, stop well short, open then from a distance, then walk through.
    • Do a quicksave before each section. If you blow it, just "F9" and repeat that section.
    • For the fireball room, switch your default setting back to "WALK!" On "RUN" you have to be incredible adept to make it (too easy to overshoot.) On walk, it's actually easy.
    • For the room with the stairs, switch back to "run", only crouch until you pass the traps, then run like heck to and up the stairs.
    • In the final room, zigzag through. You start on the right, head diagonally L, then diagonally R, then to the door. It works.
    • When done, the power of Everstrike is yours to command!
  • Thanks Anjalena: " I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. The official strategy guide (Vox: Prima?) said approach the stairs, wait for the spinning blade to emerge then stop, then run by.) I haven't seen the Prima guide yet. I like their work, espoecially the maps, but the MM9 guide is not carried at my local outlet. Prima is usually very accurate, so if this is them, it's an unusual goof.
  • Normally I don't post hacks that exploit an oversight in the game, but this one is so clever, and "outside-the-box" that I will. And, afterall, aren't rangers-to-be supposed to be judged on their perception and ability to see the way around traps!! Cecil found that Lloyd's beacon is the answer! Don't talk to the attendant. Walk to the end and don't worry about tripping alarms. In the final room (just BEFORE you exit to the attendant, set a beacon. Now talk to the NPC, warp to the beacon, walk through the final door "without tripping any traps" and claim your prize. Diabodically clever!
Lich Promotion Quest

WARNING: Make sure you have read the "Bugs and ONE HUGE WARNING" section about the serious Promotion Lockout Issue before you do this!!!

Skulkil in Frosgard City gives you this quest.

Sorry. Didn't take this, so don't know. Probably something to do with the "Lich Instructions Part 2" I found in the Chasm of the Dead in Drangheim, and the Lich Lab in Yorwick. Don't have a clue where "Lich Instructions part 1" can be found.

(Thanks DvuS for a preliminary description): Per DvuS you get part I of the Lich Instructions from Skulkil in Frosgard. Look at the Chasm of the Dead walkthrough in Drangheim and you will see where part 2 of the instructions is found. Now, enter the Lich lab, find the ingredients for a potion, mix it up in the kitchen, then go to another location to convert yourself to a lich! Obviously, more to come!)

Ruined Temple This is part of the Priest Promotion Quest. It's a clever little dungeon. Lots of traps, secret doors, a couple nice puzzles.

You enter at "A", and work your way to the stairs down at "B." Assorted nasties all along the way.

At "C" is a genie who will grant you a wish -- more gold, and item, experience, or an attribute bonus. I chose attribute bonus, and cannot tell exactly what happened (I do wish 3DO had finished this game!) I think I received a significant boost in magic skills across the party. Anyone know exactly what happens here??

(Thanks Wizzcat: Gold: 5000 gold, experience 15000 points, item: a piece of Fre's set, Attribute: +10 might.)

The door at "D" is locked from the other side. When you enter the room at "E" the hall collapses behind you. A trapped door at E lets you into a puzzle room "F". (Spolier at bottom of section.)

In "J" is a crypt (more on that in a moment.) Up the ladder at "J" leads you through rooms with chests and treasure to the locked door at "D". You're back in the top of the genie room.

Sooooo ... where's the Symbol you're searching for?? Hint: spend more time in the crypt room. Spoiler below.

Spoiler "F" - Set the wall icons to match the icons on that side of the pedestal.

Spoiler "G" - There's a switch on the wall behind the crypt near "H" that opens the top of the crypt. Hop inside. Keep bashing the bottom of the crypt, each time dropping a level, until you are at the base of the ramps in section "H." Head up the ramps, and at the top is the Symbol and the way back into the crypt room.

Beer Quest (Thanks Grep -- forgot to add this one!) The bartender in Frosgard will give you a minor quest to sell his beer at the tavern in Guberland. Total reward seems to be $500. hardly worth it for a party of your stature!
Consecration Ritual This one is easy. Just talk to Nath'li in the center of the corrale N of the training center.