When you first start the game and get off the initial island, you have a weak party and no access to magic trainers. After a bit you are able to gain expert levels in weapons and armor skills (once you earn experience and gold!)

Here is a plan of attack for the early part of the game while you build up strength:

  • Enter Sturnford, clean the altar, learn the town. get the quests. Train up as possible and assign skill points.
  • Clear out the dragonflies on the E and W sides of the city (outside.) Collect treasures. Heal, train, buy equipment.
  • Take the easy sabateur quest (Thanks Lillia.)
  • Head south to the Anskram Keep. Kill the thralls on the way and the basilisks outside the keep (and one inside). Don't take on the Imp quest yet. Return to city.
  • Take the boat to Drangheim. Get the quests (Jaarl, promotion to crusader, etc.) Do NOT take on the promotion quest yet! (you'll get creamed!)
  • Clear out the thralls in the west central area (loot chests) and outside the Chasm of the Dead.
  • Back to Drangheim -- train, heal, etc.
  • Take the land path back to Sturmford. (out to the Northeast. ) Take on the various dragonflies and thralls along the way gather the loot. Go to Sturmford. to heal, train, equip, etc.
  • Now head to Anskram keep and take just the "Lower the Defenses" quest. It's easy.
  • Go to Sturmgard and clear out the Beet Hoven (some good treasure there!)
  • Walk to Drangheim, collect on the "defenses" quest, train, heal, equip.
  • Now take the promotion quest and wipe out the thieves.
  • Take the boat to Guberland from Drangheim. Train your initiates to Expert levels

Now you can pretty much go in many directions. I headed back to Sturmgard to clear out the imps, then started travelling to other areas.

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