You've left the training center, hopped on the boat not sure of what lay before you. Next thing you know, you're stranded on an island, and hear the disturbing sound of clicking bones in the distance.

Or is that the sounds of your knees knocking!

  • Clear the Dragonflies
  • Destroy the Mausoleum
  • Weapons and Armor: None
  • Magic: None
  • Specialties: None
  • Grandmaster Training: None
  • None
  • None
  • Mon: Sturnford
  • Tues: Sturnford
  • Wed: Sturnford
  • Thurs: Sturnford
  • Fri: Sturnford
  • Sat: Sturnford
  • Sun: Sturnford
  • None
First Steps  You begin at point "A" on the map. The first goal is to work your way to Point "E", at the start of the bridge. Along the way you will meet mini skeletons and dragonflies. If you have ranged weapons this is a lot easier. The skeletons are fast and jump around.

(Thanks Paul - don't miss the chest down near the shore behind you at point "A.")

Clear the  Dragonflies
When you reach point "E", you will find an NPC named Forad Dare. He tells you to seek out the seer in the hut at "F". She, in turn will not help until you accomplish the classic RPG first quest "clear out the cellar." Only this time the cellar is a nearby clearing ("G")

Try to take on just a few at a time. If you are getting hurt, run back to the hut. Behind it is a well that will heal you.

Loot all the bodies! You might have to search a bit to find some of the "booty bags" on the ground. Don't miss the chest at the back of the clearing.

When complete, return to the seer for your experience point reward, and she will tell you a bit about your destiny, and tell you to see Forad Dare to get off the island.

Clear out  the Island Forad Dare immediately joins your party. (Interesting note: Dare is the only NPC you cannot dismiss from your party. Does he play a key part in your future?) He tells you that you must destroy the mausoleum ("K") to stop the skeletons from showing up on the island, and hints that the answer is "behind a locked door." Only then can he get to the boat.

Once he has joined your party, talking to him (press the #5 key couple times to speak to him --- he's in party member slot "5.") he will then remember to mention that the seer has a key to the door! Return to her and get the key.

Now, head to the island and kill all the skeletons BUT DO NOT open the door yet. We're going to do a little stealing first, before some automatic cutscenes take over and you leave the island (for now).

Steal some Goodies 

Head around to the entrance to the ruins and head inside.

Warning: The nasties in this place will easily wipe out a party of level 25 members!!! You are mincemeat if you "explore" too much.

Just head to the opening on your right and to the chest at "X." grab the goodies and leave!

Destroy the Mausoleum
 Now head to the locked door at "I." A few skeletons will pop up out of the ground as you pass. Deal with them.

When you enter, before you touch the book ahead of you, loot the chest behind the door.

Now, touch the book, and you are ready for the real start to the adventure -- Sturmford.

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