Guberland is your first access to skills trainers in the magics! The Jaarl and Healer quests are quite easy, even for a young party. There's an easy source of cheap treasure up in the Honks Temple (along with the world's only level 250 "peck-of-death" goose!)

  • Jaarl: Eliminate the Dook
  • Jaarl: Outwit Ivan the Smart
  • Promotion to Healer: Free Ned
  • Promotion to Priest: Multiple
  • Jaarl: Book of Rules
  • Capstone of Order (Circus)
  • Weapons and Armor: None
  • Magic: E/M dark, light, elemental, spirit
  • Specialties: Meditation
  • Grandmaster Training: None
  • Initiate --> Healer
  • Healer --> Priest
  • House on W central part of city
  • Mon: Lindisfarne
  • Tues: Isle of Ashes
  • Wed: Thronheim
  • Thurs: Thjorland
  • Fri: None
  • Sat: Drangheim
  • Sun: Sturmford.
  • None
Guberland City
The SW portion of the town has all the magic trainers. The trainer in meditation is near the Jaarl's hall.

You probably will not need it, but a Gatemaster NPC can be hired by the tavern. She only casts at Expert level (nearest town if in the same region), so she is of little use. Your existing magic users should have that level of town portal by now.

Dook Castle
The Jaarl asks you to get rid of the Dook as a contender. This is an easy quest. Just walk in, find the Dook, and tell him to leave! "There's always the blade." He wimps out and agrees to run.

Oddly, no one ever challenges you despite a zillion guards walking around. Lots of nice chests to loot.

However, that all changes if you enter the caverns (needed for the ranger quest) -- unless you catch them napping! The cavern has some tough Trellbergs, basilisks, and a cavern filled with Flying Apparitions. At the far side is a black chest ("B") with an awesome bow -- Everstrike -- that can only be used by Rangers.

Spoilers under the photo

To get into the cavern, turn the shield on the wall at "A". If you want to get out without taking on the whole set of guards, consider what you read on one of the notes you find along the way. Seems that Dook's guards have a habit off sleeping on duty late at night. So wait until after midnight and there are fewer to contend with! (If you forget, then run back into the room with the entry to the caverns, loop around the far end (with 100 guards chasing you) then loop back and run down the hall and out the door.

Thanks Nichole - There is a 2nd black chest under the water in the caverns near Everstrike.)

Temple of Honk Another easy one (once you get there.) Nothing to do inside except loot the chests behind the secret wall at the back of the temple.

Watch out for the killer goose. If you attack him, he deals out about 60-70 HP damage with each peck!

Note: You do NOT have to do anything here to solve Kira's "Eliminate the Honks" quest.

There is a locked door at the top of stairs. (Thanks Kreegor -- The locked door is part of a quest I have not reached having to do with "The Game of the Gods in Asgard.")

Follow-up: The upper level Honk quest isnow in the Arslegard walkthroughs.)

Book of Rules This quest for the Jaarl is in the Lindisfarne Ta'Sar Academy.

(Thanks DvuS for reminding me who gave that quest!)

Outwit Ivan
The Jaarl asks you to outwit him. Ivan, the self-proclaimed "smartest man on earth" is at the circus. He asks you seven history questions.

Don't worry about penalties to get them wrong. You can always start over.

SPOILER: If you don't want to bother: 3-1-1-2-3-3-2

Healer Promotion WARNING: Make sure you have read the "Bugs and ONE HUGE WARNING" section about the serious Promotion Lockout Issue before you do this!!!

Rtjolnir in the temple needs help. Ned has gone mad because of a spell put on him by the Old Hag.

This is easy, quick, and bloodless. Go to the apothecary and he'll tell you he needs a lock of hag's hair. Go down to the beach and pick it up on a chair in her cave. Return to the apothecary with it. Wait an hour while he mixes up a brew. Take it to Ned by the Jaarl's hall. Return to Rtjolnir.

Done! You're a healer. Now run down to the SE corner of town and train up!

Capstone of Order (Circus) Thorin Mouth will give you a capstone of order if you win all the prizes at the circus. There are 6 that are needed. Note: The Capstone is a critical endgame quest item. (I suspect that you cannot actually trade for the capstone until that quest is given -- see the Dark Passage Walkthroughs.)

The contests are the same as those described for the Thjorgard circus.

Note: You cannot actually win the Capstone until the Capstone quest is given late in the game. (The Thjorgard circus will also not let you win the doll until the Bikki quest is given late in the game by Yrsa.)

Note: You can actually just do one contest many times until you have all six items. You seem to get a somewhat random prize. Eventually you will get the final one you need. Trade them for the Capstone, and discard the extra gudge.

Priest Promotion WARNING: Make sure you have read the "Bugs and ONE HUGE WARNING" section about the serious Promotion Lockout Issue before you do this!!!

Gray is found in the temple. He gives you three quests.

  • Find a replacement priest. When you get to Lindisfarne, ask the abbot and he will tell you what to do. (See the Lindisfarne section of this site.)
  • Find the Tree of Life in Frosgard (See Frosgard section -- Ruined Temple Quest)
  • learn the Consecration ritual from Nathi in Frosgard (see the Frosgard section -- You just need to talk to him where he stands in the corral near the training hut.)