Recommended bonus: Attack skill
(I prefer attack. It's not too much of a difference)

First, collect all the resources around. In the southwest corner of the map, there is a sign that says something like "Congratulations! You've found a secret passage to the end of the campaign" Do not visit it, because your hero will die.

After you take ALL of the resources, go to the crusaders to the east. After you reach them, run away! Be sure you will NOT end your turn when the crusaders tell you to stop! What I mean is, after you visit them and go towards the 2 houses (yours and Dan's), they tell you to stop. Do not stop, do not end your turn there or you will be attacked! After that, visit Kirr's house, the destroyed house at the north of your house.

Now go to the monk and he will tell you to go to the Water Wheel of Melnik. Melnik will tell you to go to the knight to the northwest of your house. Tell the knight about the crusaders. He will leave and leave a pikeman behind. Allow him to join your army. Now you have to leave Dan at the place where your horse stumbles (that text will be disabled after you visit the crusaders for the first time), so stop when the crusaders tell you to stop, and leave the peasant in the square to the right of your hero. After that, go and hide in your field (where you are supposed to work) where a text shows up telling you that it would be a good place to hide there. Wait until the crusaders take Dan to his field, then go through the path that was guarded by the crusaders. Talk to all the guys near the tavern. First talk to the halfing and he will tell you about his brother that lives in a garden of revelation in the north. Visit the rogues, then, a pile of gold is near the 3 hovels. Tell the rogues about the gold. After that, go to the Rogue cavern and take the book (answer yes to the question) Go to the halfing's brother and he will tell you to choose one of his 4 books. Choose one of them (I chose air magic).

wog 1

Go back to the tavern and speak to the gremlin. After you talk to the gremlin, visit the trading post, which is along the gravel road. You should gain a catapult. Go back to the tavern and speak to the peasant. Walk along the road until you see a castle. Go to the bridge. A pikeman will say that he doesn't know you and he won't allow you to pass. Then, talk to the other two peasants in the field near the three hovels. One of them will give you a sword, and the other will talk to the pikeman that is guarding the bridge to the castle in the north. Go to the bridge, and the pikeman will allow you to pass. Go back to the tavern and speak to the zealot. He will tell you about the monk near the sanctuary (the sanctuary is near the faerie ring and the gem ponds as shown in the picture). Go to the monk and he will give you the Surcoat of Counterpoise. Go back (again) to the tavern and talk to the halberdier. After that, go back to the castle. The swordsman will tell you to leave. Don't do that because you can pass. Move your cursor one square up the swordsman's garrison and you can pass. Walk through the second garrison and visit the marletto tower and the mercenary camp. Get out of there and visit the rally flag near the tavern. Visit the tavern and go to the castle again and talk to the swordsman. Visit the wagon, which is along the gravel road. You should find a ballista. Now go to the west of the castle in the snow lands. After you enter the snowy lands, collect all of the resources. Move your cursor over the wall just west of the castle and you will find a first aid tent. Go towards the Gorynych and talk to him. You should receive a mission telling you that you've finished the mission and 7 of 7 submissions. Allow the Gorynych to join you and... TADA... you've won.

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