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  • Armageddon’s Blade → Maker of Sorrows

    Create Armageddon’s Blade to win the scenario. If Xeron is defeated in combat the scenario is lost. Xeron will be allowed to advance to 24th level and carry over his experience, skills, and spells to his next scenario CAUTION: you will be playing against your Xeron build in his next scenario.

    Starting Bonus: 5 Pit Lords or Loins of Legion or Upgraded Kennels

    Short News 20' - August 16

    Mistrzostwa Polski - (Jaskinia Behemotha + HotA)

    Heroes III. Tournament: Mistrzostwa Polski - took place yesterday, the top of the day was final match of Szopa666 vs Venefiz, you can watch it here:
    (scroll almost to the end, it's very long):

    Tournament was arranged in H3:

  • Armageddon’s Blade → Seeking Armageddon

    Gather the Sword of Hellfire, Breastplate of Brimstone, and Shield of the Damned to win the scenario. However, if Xeron is defeated in combat the scenario is lost. Xeron will be allowed to advance to 12th level and carry over his experience, skills, and spells to his next scenario.

    Starting Bonus: Speculum or Equestrian’s Gloves or Necklace of Swiftness

  • Armageddon's Blade → Shadows of the Forest

    Defeat all your enemies to win the scenario. However, if Gelu is defeated in combat the scenario is lost.  Gelu will be allowed to advance to 12th level and carry over his experience, skills, and spells into his next scenario.

    Starting bonus: 20 Marksmen or 15 Grand Elves or 10 Sharpshooters.

    Armageddon’s Blade → Catherine’s Charge

    Defeat all your enemies to win the scenario. However, if Catherine is defeated in combat the scenario is lost. Catherine will be allowed to advance to 18th level and carry over her experience, skills, and spells into her next scenario.

    Starting bonus: 30 Pikeman or 20 Archers or 8 Griffins.

  • Short News June 19'

    Creature Quest Game Quiz

    139 CraneStudent PortraitFirst a little housekeeping, some time ago I announced at forums Creature Quest Quiz, which is for everyone to peek in but really, only players will be knowing. Although I must say, that this Mobile Collectible RPG is not having too strong RPG elements, there's some funny lore behind and game

  • MMH7 Trial by Fire Campaign Walkthrough

    09 TBF

    Hi there!

    It is 2018 and I am sharing my walkthrough of the Fortress expansion, on the of course final version of H7! This is based on the Hard difficulty.


    First, onto some basics:


  • H7 Walkthroughs Completed

    You may ask yourself: "What took so long?" Well, long story short: I haven't been very active lately. I'm slowly moving away from the franchise, focusing more and more on other aspects of my life and less on this. But I promised myself, months and months ago, that I would finish the Heroes VII walkthroughs, so now that I have some spare time on my hands, I decided to do it.

    So then, the Dungeon campaigns are done, and I just finished Ivan's story too, mere minutes ago. The clock is 5am here and I guess I do still

  • Might & Magic: Heroes VII → Ivan → The Dream of What Could Be

    You begin in an area with so much stuff lying around that I suggest you take a minute to look it over, before deciding where to go first. There are free armies who will join you, so perhaps seek them out first? There are also several dwellings and boosters. Then there are people around for you to talk to; start by the town and then you can find Lasir to the northeast and Jorgen to the northwest.


  • Might & Magic: Heroes VII → Ivan → The Stuff of Future Memory

    Welcome to the main campaign, the story of Ivan.


    Ivan is a diplomat.Here's a little about Ivan: he is a typical leader and strategist -

  • Might & Magic: Heroes VII → Dungeon → A World Which Now Trembles

    Welcome to the final map of the Dungeon campaign - and what a nice and easy map it is. I say “easy” because of what you will find in the Underground: lots and lots and lots of resources strewn about unguarded. Mines, boosters, also unguarded. Not all of them, of course, but quite a lot don't have creatures in front of them at all. There are still plenty of creatures to fight, but that doesn't take away the sense that this level is all about covering

  • Might & Magic: Heroes VII → Dungeon → The Essence of Purest Poison

    You start out on a small island with a nice and simple outlook: simply take the available town and start building it, and clear the island of resources, visiting boosters and flagging mines. When you have done that, there is a Shipyard on the southern shore. Be careful, though; there are Red heroes on the waters, who will attack you if you get too close, so bring a decent army if you are going sailing. Also, make sure you leave some good defences at home in case the

  • Might & Magic: Heroes VII → Dungeon → The Shadows of Men's Thoughts

    This map starts off with a fairly simple main quest: conquer two forts, one to the north and one to the south. As you will soon discover, though, it's not that simple. My suggested strategy here is to take your time and take control of the whole map.


    You start with a single town, and not a lot of resources, so get to building the core units. Around you are a bunch of difficult stacks;

  • H7 1.7 - a Player's View

    "Everyone's a critic" - so the saying goes. One of the Community's most Ubisoft-critical fans has offered his views on the Heroes VII campaigns in this comprehensive forum article. Why not have a look at it and see if you agree? Feel free to comment in the forum and discuss the state of the game after update 1.7.

  • Might & Magic: Heroes VII → Dungeon → The Fathomless Glare

    Welcome to the Dungeoncampaign. This faction is about stealth, speed and making your opponent feel bad. Giving your opponents weaknesses like bad morale and loss of strength is a good thing, especially when you yourself are quite fragile. A good strategy against most creatures is to boost your shooters with morale (burning determination) while giving general defensive and attacking bonuses to the

  • Might & Magic: Heroes VII → Sylvan → The Portals of Flickering Dreams

    The first priority here is to get to the Elemental Forge in 12 weeks. You start on a beach, and you can start by fighting some neutrals, then move up the northwestern path. Keep moving up and you'll find a lightly guarded Sylvan town. Neat, huh? Grab it and build it.

    The Sylvan town.

    East of the

  • Might & Magic: Heroes VII → Sylvan → The Very Counterfeit of Death

    You start out with two main objectives: 1) Search the island for the solution to why your friends are behaving so weirdly, and 2) do not harm them! That means you cannot do battle with either Danan or Sylrael. Also, the only army you have left is a few trusty sea elf pirates.


    Things aren't too bleak, though. There's a town directly to your east, which you should take, after you first pick up the free creatures

  • Might & Magic: Heroes VII → Sylvan → Perils of Waves and War

    In this map, there is going to be some sailing, so you should probably level up Wysloth in navigation. Also, this is the kind of frustrating map where enemies roam around and steal your towns and forts if you're not careful. You may have to go back and forth a bit. If you manage to get their strongest armies in combat against your strongest army, the job gets a bit easier. Having the town portal building is useful; you can

  • Might & Magic: Heroes VII → Sylvan → The Griefs that Fate Assigns

    Welcome to the Sylvan campaign. This faction is all about teamwork, focusing on speed, luck and morale. Since positioning and unit cooperation is a big deal in this faction, it seems to me that the Quick Combat option makes you lose a lot more units that playing manually.


    Let me give you a quick run-down on the creatures: pixies are fragile, but quick and will

  • Might & Magic: Heroes VII → Necropolis → Those Last Few Steps

    The Well of Souls just below your town.Yes, map five. Surprised? There are indeed five of them in this campaign, unlike the others. So, you're back in Nar-Heresh with Zenda and Charna.


    There are three missions and they are fairly straight-forward: