In WoG we trust! So far the biggest modificaton of Heroes3, using specially developed scripting language - ERM by Slava Salnikov (alias ZVS). Current status is somewhat complicated to describe, let say that after demise of WoG International Team it become uneasy to follow. Which leave us with two major teams, russian Core Wog and newly formed International Group under leadership of GrayFace.
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    Map Objects 1.09


  • The Samaritan → Gaia, Where Are You?

    Recommended bonus: none, pick whatever spell you wish (I chose magic arrow)

    So you start near a destroyed ship. Go up one square from your starting position and search for survivors (you

  • In The Wake of Gods → The Begininng

    Recommended bonus: Attack skill
    (I prefer attack. It's not too much of a difference)

    First, collect all the resources around. In the southwest corner of the map, there is a sign that

  • In The Wake of Gods → Gorynich

    Recommended bonus: whatever you wish (I chose wizardry)

    First, collect all the resources around. When you find a chest, and you have to choose between 0 gold and -500 experience, choose 0

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    PilgrimWith the release of King's Bounty: Crossworlds and the official