Recommended bonus: none, pick whatever spell you wish (I chose magic arrow)

So you start near a destroyed ship. Go up one square from your starting position and search for survivors (you will be asked if you want to look for survivors). You should have 11 grand elves. Visit the nearby wagon to gain 5 ore. Go to the Home of Ekaterin and she will ask you to clean her husband's obelisk. Go to the Lost Soul (looks like a wraith) and agree to help. Go to the obelisk nearby (which should be black), and then back to Ekaterin's home. Around the obelisk is a corpse. When you visit it, you will be asked if you want to build a tomb (or sepulchre). Build it, and you will gain some experience. You should have a total of 2000 exp.

Go east, to the last square of rough terrain. Ekaterin will ask you to find her pet (?), a troll. Your hero will be teleported into a garden or something like that. Your goal is to kill all the gremlins. Look for them especially in the corners. Look for them until your hero says that he feels that the gremlins' power is growing weak. When you are sure that you killed the gremlins, go towards the troll, which is in the west of the garden. Pick him up, and go to the lower-left corner, where you should see a tree, Gaia. Go to it, and it will tell you to leave the troll near it(right-click to leave a creature). Leave the troll where Gaia tells you to, and you will be teleported to an island.

Do NOT visit any rogue! Take the road to the north and visit the first peasant (named Slava, he should be on the left). Go along the road north, until you see a peasant with a large field in the back (named Alexander). He will give you the Elixir of Life. Go back to the place where you were teleported by Gaia. To the east, there should be only ONE rogue(with a destroyed forest in his back). Go to the rogue, and after you attack him and several more rogues, a sprite will replace him and the forest will be green again. Go with your cursor one square up of the sprite (the attack cursor will appear) and walk there, then to the sign. Go back, out of the forest and 20 elves and 100 sprites will join you. Go back to the road (blocked by rogues). Defeat them and go to Timothy (another peasant) and then to the Chief's hut (looks like the hut of the magi). Go to Alexander, and then to the rogue that's guarding the well. You need ore for the well, so go back to Timothy. He will teleport south. Visit him again and he will give you access to the southern region and 2 ore. Go back to the well, and then to Alexander and then to Cox (the Chief in the hut). Attack the legion of rogues (which will be about 200 now...) and then go to the lair that they were guarding.

Go south, and visit the Den of Thieves (which is called Home of Mathias) and then to the monk (Jack). Attack the Nightmares (should be LESS than 7) and then go back to Mathias. Attack the Wraiths near the Rampart and go to the waterfall. Go to the Dwarf and then to the abandoned mine. Wait 3 days until you get 3 crystals and then go to the magi in the south. After that, visit the War Zealot (Alexey) and go to the tavern. Play with him until you get 3 gems, and then go back to Jack. Go to the temple of Gaia (looks like a crypt).

This is the final test. You will be teleported back to the huge garden to fight with yourself. This can be hard. If you can't do it, place your troops in the following position: slot one-Fairy Dragons slot two-Goryniches and then, all the others. Turn autocombat on and fight. You should win. If not, fight again and again...until you've finished the map!