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You start this scenario in the Stronghold just to the right of the center/top of the map printed above. Your objective is to capture the Wayfaring Boots from the hero in the preserve just to the southwest across the small body of water. In order to do this you'll need to sweep southward, then westward. Head north along the western peninsula, and finally east over the bridge to the enemy fortress.

In my game, let me first say that I did much more exploring than was necessary. A more direct route is most definitely possible. But anyway, let's get on with the walkthru.

Your starting heroes are Bohb (a level 5 Archmage with basic level of all 5 magic schools and basic enchantment) and Violet (a level 5 General with basic Tactics, offense, leadership, melee, archery, magic resistance and advanced combat) and you also start with a small helping of level 1 troops. First things first, send out numerous scouts (single creature stacks) and conquer your immediate surroundings. Focusing on capturing your wood & ore mines. One significant item of note is the Apprentice's Handbook just outside your castle walls. This is a NECESSITY for Bohb. This will be his main access to spells for quite some time. But with all 5 schools of magic, you'll have plenty of variety to choose from. Also, make sure you visit the blacksmith just to the east of your town. Stock up on some potions, but mainly get leather and some melee weaponry. After clearing out your immediate surroundings you've probably lost most of your starting troops (or at least most of the berserkers). But you've also probably gone up a level or 2. I'd highly suggest taking experience from all treasure chests for quite some time. The gold just isn't a necessity in this map. You'll need troops, but not for a while. Once you've gotten a decent grip on your surroundings, head Bohb to the southeast. A small enclosed area is being guarded by 2 stacks of "few" phoenix's. With a few troops, some precisely placed spells and you should be able to beat one of these stacks, granting you access to the school of nature. Here you can pump up Bohb's Nature magic skills quite a bit. Avoid summoning if you can. Summoned creatures will only slow down Bohb's progress. Although it's usually a very useful skill, here it just isn't very handy. Make sure you stop by and purchase some spells at the conservatory of nature (one of the new adventure map locals). Considering you're limited to level 12 in this scenario, you'll most likely only get your Nature magic skill to Expert level at the most. So don't bother purchasing level 4 or 5 spells. You won't be able to use them....yet!

Scattered around the local forest are numerous nature spell shrines. Even though your Apprentice's Handbook grants you these level 1 spells, make sure you visit them, because in the following scenarios you WON'T have the handbook. Once you've managed to clear out most of the forested area, you'll want to eliminate the Red nuisance to the south. The Red barbarians are fairly easy to find. Just head southwest along the coastline from the School of Nature. Eventually you'll come to a stables, hit it and continue eastward to the lone barbarian town. There are some decent forces guarding this castle, but your summoning spells via Bohb should do the trick. White tigers, elves and elementals are the spells of choice for this map. A few others come in handy, but once you get summon Water elementals...this map is pretty much over. By now, your scouts should have located numerous handy locations to visit to pump up your stats and skills. Hit as many of these as you can in the southwest corner of the main island (just west of your new Stronghold). War University, school of war and several creature banks are prime locations to get your heroes ready for the final confrontation here and for the following maps.

Up until now, I haven't really mentioned the development of Violet. She should mainly be developed as a tactics hero with a generous helping of combat thrown in. If you manage to get a chance to get Nobility or Scouting take them. Both will be helpful later on.A

Due west from the War University is a bridge leading to the western island. This island contains two towns. One stronghold on the southern edge, and a preserve on the northern end. Both start out as neutral towns, but odds are that by the time you reach them, they'll be owned by either red or green. Either way, they should pose no problem for your heroes now, but seeing as how the stronghold is closer, head for that one first. Using Violet to soak up ranged attacks by placing her directly in front of Bohb during combat, you'll allow Bohb to summon numerous creatures to take Violet's protective place. Now send Violet forward to take the battle to the enemy (well, not by herself. send the summonee's too *grin*). Just to the west of this new stronghold town is a cyclops dwelling. Although this is nice to acquire, it's not necessary and the battle to get it (the pass is guarded by numerous cyclopes') is usually fairly costly. Once you've gotten your third stronghold, you should start generating some troops and building caravans (if you haven't already done so). Start shipping your troops (external dwellings too) to this new stronghold. Have Bohb and Violet take any local mines and keep a CLOSE eye on that bridge heading to the eastern mainland. You don't want any heroes getting behind your front lines. Once you refortified your forces a bit (I personally used Bohb, Violet, centaurs, nomads, cyclops and summoned troops) you'll start to head north on the western isle. Along the way, you'll see a second bridge leading eastward. Ignore that for now. Keep heading north to the first Preserve castle. This battle was fairly tough in my game, but I also dawdled quite a bit by over exploring, so this might not be the case for you. Anyway, once you take this new town, build up it's mage guild giving Bohb as many spells as possible (don't forget the libraries...he knows ALL magic schools). If you took a fairly serious hit in taking this town. Settle down for a bit and re-shuttle some fresh troops via the caravans. If not, then head for that second bridge and green's territory.

The small island sanctuary of green is fairly straight forward. Have your heroes with some decent forces start to strategically take all the dwellings and mines in order to cut off green's supply lines. (especially the dwellings). Of note is the unicorn dwelling on the western edge of green's island. Avoid the witches hut on this island as it will only teach you a primary magic skill. And seeing as how Bohb already has all of the 5 schools, Violet will be the one to get it. And Violet doesn't WANT it. Avoid magic with Violet. Once you've decided that you've fooled around enough, head over the final bridge and assault the final town. Green's preserve. Inside is the hero with the Wayfaring boots. Pull them off his dead feet and victory is yours.

At the end of this map, Bohb was a level 12 archmage with Expert nature magic, advanced chaos, death and life magic, advanced conjuration & herbalism, and basic meditation, occultism, enchantment, healing, and order magic. He had 102 spell points, 210 hit points and 19 att/def stats. Spells included summon fire/water/air elementals and numerous level 1 & 2 spells from all schools. As for Violet, she was a level 12 general with Expert combat, advanced tactics, basic scouting and nobility. Expert offense, advanced archery, defense and pathfinding, and basic leadership, melee and magic resistance. 210 hit points, 24 melee att. / 21 ranged att. / 39 melee & ranged defense.

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