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You begin this map in the far southwestern corner with a basic Haven town and a few level 1 troops, and of course, Bohb. Sorry, Violet didn't follow you over this time. But that's okay, by this time...Bohb's more than enough. In this scenario, you get to see just how powerful a high-level Archmage really is. In this map I won in less than a month and I didn't recruit a single creature. It was just Bohb, Bohb and more Bohb. I also didn't explore the entire map (as you can plainly see from the above map) but I explored enough to reach level 21. But enough of this banter...let's get to the walkthrough.
Now, as I started this map, I didn't know that I would go without building troops. So I began development of my first town as I normally would. Money first, troops second. But of course with Bohb, you've got to throw in a bit of Mage Guild building. My first steps of exploration were to capture mines. So I immediately headed north to capture the wood mine and east for the ore mine. But in heading north I found several other locations that needed attention. Just north of the wood mine are 2 altars of Life Magic, a conservatory of Life magic, a coliseum of Magic and several artifacts. I had to fight through some angels to get most of these treasures, but after summoning a few waspworts, griffons and water elementals, the angels were toast. The same can be said of the Fairy Dragons in the coliseum. Antimagic on Bohb, then summon to your hearts content. Those were some great rewards for only 3 days worth of playing. :O)

You'll also notice that just to the south west of your starting town is a high-level troop guarding a one-way teleporter exit. In my game these troops were Goblin Knights that would've thrashed me, but I figured those same Goblin Knights would also protect me from any enemy heroes on the other side of that teleporter. (I never did go through that teleporter so I never found the other end. But after playing the entire campaign I went back to explore a bit. It turns out that there is an island in the northwest corner that contains 6 haven dwellings including an Angel dwelling. In order to reach this island you'll have to enter the yellow teleporter on the small lava island slightly northwest of your soon-to-be second Haven town. But this excursion is NOT necessary. Fun, but not necessary) So for now, ignore those troops and the teleporter. Your destination is eastward.

Working your way to the east you'll soon come to your second Haven town. Crush it's inhabitants and claim your prize. More income. :O) Along the way to the far east, you'll want to capture every mine and hit every powerup. You'll also want to take every creature bank (Keep, Ivory Tower, Sacred Temple). Continue eastward and you'll find a gold mine and eventually your third Haven town. Capture it and other than the small area north of your third castle you'll have completely conquered the southern peninsula. Once you get your third castle, start building up your mage guilds (especially in the third town) and re-charge those precious spell points.

Slightly north of your third Haven you'll find the school of Chaos. This small cul-de-sac is guarded by a small stack of Black Dragons (when is ANY stack of Black Dragons...small? *grin* ) Summon, summon and summon and you'll soon be past these nasty beasties. Once the way is clear, mop up the goodies. In here you'll find 2 altars of chaos magic, a magic University, a Library, a conservatory of chaos magic, a few minor powerups, a tree of knowledge and the all-important shipyard. This shipyard is the whole reason you've fought your way to the eastern shoreline. Before you board your new ship, make sure you've purchased NUMEROUS potions. Immortality potions are of most importance, but I highly suggest taking on as many of the others available as you can afford. (You'll of course have to build the Order of Paladins to get these) I also made sure to build caravan's in each town to shuttle troops around to protect my towns and to reach the mainland (but I never had to use any of them...How was I to know?). After re-charging my spell points, I took to the sea.

After entering the water I decided to head northwest. (I had to go somewhere, and that way seemed as good as any) In a short while I find that there are numerous tiny islands just off my shoreline each with a single mine and guarding monster stack. I took a few of these, but after looking at my resource stockpiles and the absence of enemies thus far, I skipped a few of these mines and continued scouting out the shoreline of the main center island. I eventually floated past a small island with the yellow teleporter, but it was guarded rather heavily and I decided to skip it for now (as it turned out, I never went back to it. But it heads to the northwest corner island with all the Haven dwellings) At this time I see that my way west is blocked by a reef but there is still plenty of water west of that reef. So, I decide to make landfall (on MY side of the water) and ride around to the western side of the reef and re-summon my boat and re-board. Heading northwest I soon find that my way is blocked yet again. So I finally say the heck with it and land on the mainland right next to a coliseum of might. Unfortunately for me, right after landing, my scouting radius detects a wandering hero with a ton of troops. He's a level 11 hero so he's not that powerful, but those troops look rather deadly. Now I'm really wishing I'd brought some troops along because this could get ugly. I'd run, but unfortunately that would leave him access to my boat and my mainland. And it didn't matter anyway, because the decision wasn't up to me anyway. As soon as I ended my turn...he darted right for me and attacked. I lost. Badly. But during that battle I saw some glimpses of what I could've done to have a better I reloaded. (I don't do this very often, really only when I make a glaring mistake, and only during campaigns. But I digress...) During my second go-round I knocked that army down to about 10 hydras. But I still lost. Now that was just frustrating. Refusing to be denied a simple foothold on this mainland, I reload one final time. This time I did it right. In fact, I thrashed them. I never even had to use an immortality potion. Nice.

Now that I'm on the mainland I decide to visit this nearby coliseum of Might. After that last battle, these Black Dragons are a piece of cake. After the level up, I head north and hit the library and snag a few mines (mainly for the scouting radius they provide. I don't want my ship taken). After seeing some nice artifacts on the drive-by (or is that float-by?) of the shoreline, I head to the southeast around some cool-looking lava flows and a small mountain range. After killing the large guarding Nightmare stack and looted the region, I spy another enemy army coming towards me from the northeast. This army is hero-less, but it's still hydra's, efreet's and many, many more. So, hero or no hero, I'm not taking this new threat lightly. But I'm also out of Immortality potions. That's not a good thing. But I foresaw this problem. I'd earlier purchased a second ship and had one of my Lords (I purchased lords for each of my 3 towns earlier and upgraded them all to level 2 for advanced nobility) picking up the loose items floating in the water. I had this lord float near the shoreline north of my 2nd castle and had another Lord bring him tons of potions. These I shuttled to the southern shoreline near Bohb and delivered the goods. Now with Bohb decently re-armed, I hit the nearby Tower to scout out the terrain a bit and head eastward towards that enemy army I saw last turn. I also now see my first enemy castle (Asylum, of course). This turns out to be a VERY easy victory, with Bohb doing his usual anti-magic/summoning combination. The castle conquests also go very smoothly after learning that trick from the last scenario. (summoning a large stack of waspworts and teleporting them onto an archer turret INSIDE the castle)

After replenishing my spell points at my newly acquired Asylum (and building a mana-vortex) I continue my exploration eastward. I hit a few powerups, several treasure chests, minor battles and a Veterans Guild (which did NOTHING...I forgot that it increased your combat skills...which I have none of *giggles* ) and I soon find a second Asylum town. But low-and-behold, this one has...*drumroll please* Raylon. A level 25 fire diviner with a smattering of troops. In case you've forgotten, Raylon is the holder of the ring of flares (the objective in this map). Raylon did a TON of damage with his spells, but the first thing I did in combat was cast anti-magic on Bohb. Then his summonee's did the rest of the work. I had to use one immortality potion, but other than that, it was a walk in the park. Bohb ended this map as a level 26 Archmage (that was the exp. limit). He had Master life, master order, master nature, expert chaos and advanced death. Also G.M Sorcery. Sorcery and Chaos magic really come to the forefront in the following and final scenario.