Thronheim is the Northern "twin" to Guberland in terms of E/M trainers.

  • Jaarl: Clear the Mountain Pass
  • Jaarl: Eliminate the Honk Worshippers
  • Fighter --> Mercenary promotion quest
  • Bank Orbs of Linking Quest (Inventa Storca)
  • Bikki Doll Quest
  • Connecting Tunnel to Yorwick
  • Black Orb of Knowledge
  • Weapons and Armor: None
  • Magic: E/M All
  • Specialties: E/M meditation
  • Grandmaster Training: None
  • Fighter --> Mercenary
  • Temple of Ratnosk
  • Mon: Isle of Ashe
  • Tues:Thjorgard
  • Wed:Drangheim
  • Thurs:Sturmford
  • Fri:Guberland
  • Sat:Lindisfarne
  • Sun:Frosgard (After Icebreaker Quest)
  • Desert Terror
  • Black Orb of Knowledge
Thronheim City
This is a city in trouble. Up in the NW corner a powerful "Desert Terror" is slowly wiping out city guard after city guard. Get too close, and your party is dead meat, as well. A barracks spits out continual guards to battle the beast.

Thronheim is similar to Guberland in terms of trainers and facilities.

Thronheim is divided into three walled sections. The main interconnecting gates are locked. Passages in the walls are the only way through.

Nichole found a secret room and chest in the Jaarl's hall. "Go up the stairs in Kira's castle, and there's a secret passage hidden behind a bookshelf."

Scot found two attribute barrels in the section of wall broken through by the escaping Terror.

Clear the Mountain Pass
This pass goes from the SE corner of Thronheim to the NW corner of Thjorgard. It is filled with harpies, wolves, and imps. The quest is a basic hack-and-slash against tough enemies.

Mid way through the pass is a well-guarded canyon with a chest, barrels, and loose treasures.

Mercenary Promotion Quest

WARNING: Make sure you have read the "Bugs and ONE HUGE WARNING" section about the serious Promotion Lockout Issue before you do this!!!

Thorfinn wants you to help his friend Atli move his shop from Guberland to Thronheim.

head to Guberland and find Atli near the entrance to the circus. He'll tell you to be at the dock at 3:00Am to guard it until 6:00am. Don't be late!

Sure enough, a bunch of bandits and thieves attack in the wee hours of the morning. You need to kill all of them, and be there when Atli arrives to be promoted. You don't even have to go back to Thronheim.

Amusing side note: The bandits often fall off the dock into 15 feet of water. They don't come back up. To get them, you have to dive in, swim down, and do your best Lloyd Bridges (James Bond for those of you <50!) imitation.

Inventa Storca

Thanks DvuS, Louisa, Kreegor for a number of important catches!

If you like Liches, this is your kind of place. 6-8 of them await your visit, mostly Lich Kings. However, remember that Liches are powerful with magic, not melee. Get up close and personal so they have to hit you rather than cast spells, and they're relatively easy to dispatch.

Throughout the maze are "Orbs of Linking."

This quest is set by the bank in Thronheim. Find the six orbs of linking, then install them in each of the six clanns' banks. That gives you a "safe deposit" feature, and experience,

When you enter there is a weakened wall section (one of three you'll find) on your left at "A". This lets you enter a hidden area and meet a Lich King at "C" In room "D" is a safe that is opened by pressing a book. Another secret safe is at F. Watch out for the trap inside the door of the next room. Grab the orb. If you press the book on the last shelf it topples the bookshelves and covers the trap.

(Important note: DvuS told me I missed a black chest in room F, and that there is another switch on one of the interior bokkshelves that opens the trap to reveal a black chest. DvuS's switch is on the 3rd bookshelf. The one I threw on the last one tipped over the shelves, and blocks me from grabbing the goodies!)

There is a hidden drawer in the desk at "G."

A weak wall section hides a well at "B." Swim down into the pool and there's some poor treasure on corpses at the bottom of the pool. Not worth getting diseased for them, though. I suspect the well is just a way back if you miss a jump on the broken bridge overhead (in the area I did not visit!)

In a few days I hope to wander back to Inventa and see what is in the area I missed at "H." (Note: in an early version of this map, "H" was in the wrong place, a room I HAD visited one square to the W.)

Honk Worshippers I spent hours at the Honk Temple in Guberland trying to solve this before finding the simple answer! Talk to the boatman at the dock back in Thronheim. He will Shanghai them for you (no Honks will be killed in the forced relocation) so all you have to do is lure them down to the dock.

You will find all three in the SW corner of the city wearing their distinctive white frocks.

Connecting Tunnel

To get to the entrance to this tunnel, you have to pass through a valley filled with vampires to the NW of Thronheim.

This tunnel leads to Yorwick. Lots of Vampires. A dark path to the S leads to a vampire-filled area, with a black chest in a crypt.

Just before you get to Yorwick, you will see a tunnel branching north that you cannot enter. You dig through from the far side after you find the village of Yorwick.


Thanks DvuS and Kreegor -- for early input on this quest.

You need to win all the games at the Thjorgard circus and give her the prize. See the Thjorgard section of this site for details.

Outside the city near the W gate, Bikki waits and asks if "You have anything for me?" This is a main-line quest you have to accomplish. You get it right after the war council meeting.
Black Orb of Knowledge Quest (Thanks Lillia, Germax, and Entsetzen)

A woman standing N of the Desert Terror at "C" is looking for the Black Orb of Knowledge. You will find it in the Wizard's Lab (for the price of $2000) in Yorwick. See the walkthrough there.

Deliver the Letter Chang reminded me I left out the "deliver the letter" quest! You are asked by one of the people in the tavern to take a letter with "bad news" to the Temple of Ratnoosk. That temple is across from the Jaarl in the SE corner of the city.
Desert Terror There has got to be more to this than just population control!