Yorwick is hard to reach, and contains the GM trainers for all the specialty skills except meditation.

To get there, you need a party strong enough to take on lots of vampires and apparitions. There is no town transport altar, so set a Lloyd's beacon, when you get there, if you have that spell. You must clear out the connecting tunnel from Thronheim that dumps you out at "Connecting Tunnel A" on the above map, fight your way the long way around to Yorwick village, then enter "Connecting Tunnel B" to break through a wall that gives you a direct access from the village to the Connecting Tunnel.

Thanks Claus -- Claus reports another secret mountain pass right near Connecting Tunnel "A" that is a shortcut to Yorwick. (I am beginning to suspect Claus is a Sherpa.)

Thanks Starla and Jaded -- Have some fun (save first) and go swimming! Starla and jaded found that if you jump into the ocean when you come out "Connecting Tunnel A" you get into the rendering engine! Walk NW and you will see the village above you! Jump up, and you're in the village!

  • Find the Sheep
  • Find the Relic (Wizard lab)
  • Lich Promotion (Lich Lab)
  • Weapons and Armor: None
  • Magic:None
  • Specialties: Learning
  • Grandmaster Training: All specialties except meditation
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • Completed Wizard lab
  • Completed Lich lab
Yorwick Village
This is a small village, and like Lindisfarne, has no altar. Yorwick (Thanks Claus) has one shop, but it is the only shop in Chedian that sells black potions. There is only one minor quest given at the village (except for the Save the Dead Army quest that originates there last in the game.)
Wizard's Lab
Open question: This map is incomplete! Just before I was going back to finish it, I got sucked into the "one-way" endgame (Dark Passage, etc.) quests. If you can email me a screenshot of the missing portions, let me know BEFORE YOU SEND THEM so I don't get 75 copies of maps in my email in-box!! What is in area ??H?? and ??J??.

The Wizard's lab contains the relic that the Abbot of the Lindisfarne Monastery is seeking. This is another very clever dungeon.

Note: This is part two of the three-part Snorri quests. Snorri (in the Thjorgard tavern) sends you the the Training hall 1st and suggests that it is part of the path to "kill a dragon." Only when you return to Snorri after completing the training hall wil he send you to the Abbot in Lindisfarne to "get the dragon to appear." The Abbot says he will (only if you went back to Snorri after completing the Training Hall) as soon as you get the Saint's Bone (relic) back from the Wizard's Lab in Yorwick. When you complete the Saint's Relic quest, then the dragon will start appearing in the Lindisfarne cave.

When you enter and take care of the beholders, there is a 5-position transporter against the back wall. Set a color, and hang on for the ride to another section of the lab.

In area "F" you are dropped into a battle between six sorcerers and a demon the size of an 18-wheeler. Being a nice sort of adventurer, you jump in and help them slay the beastie. In deep gratitude for your help, then now turn their combined firepower on you. Oh well, friendships are so fleeting. (Grep tells me you don't have to fight in this room. "Just sit back, get some popcorn,and let them fight it out." The Demon wins, then takes one look at your party and falls down dead.)

Area "G" has some good treasures and nice fights.

When you transport up to the row of rooms in the NE corner of the lab, you'll find three rooms you can enter, each containing chests. The fourth room at "C" is locked from the inside.

(Thanks Lillia, Germax, and Entsetzen) In the area I missed at "??J??" is a room winged mutants and a man standing in the middle of the room. He will sell you the Black Orb of Knowledge needed by the the woman in Thronheim.

SPOILER under map.

In room "E" is a cabinet that contains a transporter to room C. The relic you seek is inside.

Open question: what is the blue orb that is also in room "C." I could not pick it up, but it gave me the "quest chimes sound" when I touched it that suggests I did something worthwhile! (Thanks Claus -- it's just something to get your attention that the relic is there.)

Find the Sheep A little girl in the middle of the village has lost her sheep and isn't allowed out of the village to find them.

The single sheep is by the entrance to Connecting Tunnel "B", and will follow you back to the girl when you touch it.

Connecting Tunnel B
(See the Thronheim Walkthrough)

Enter the tunnel system at the entrance near the village. Check out the skills barrels part way in. When you reach the dead end, break through and you now have an easier way back to Thronheim.

Lich Lab Open question: This area is incomplete! I had no Liches in my party, and never got to it before getting sucked into the "one-way" endgame (Dark Passage, etc.) quests. If you can email me a screenshot of the missing portions, let me know BEFORE YOU SEND THEM so I don't get 75 copies of maps in my email in-box!!

(Thanks DvuS for a preliminary description): Per DvuS you get part I of the Lich Instructions from Skulkil in Frosgard. Look at the Chasm of the Dead walkthrough in Drangheim and you will see where part 2 of the instructions is found. Now, enter the Lich lab, find the ingredients for a potion, mix it up in the kitchen, then go to another location to convert yourself to a lich! Obviously, more to come!)

Save the Dead Army You return to Yorwick late in the game (after the war council meeting) and find Kira and all the Jaarls are dead. You now start a sequence of quests to save them. That series of quests is handled in the "Dark Passage" walkthrough.

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