Which Dynasty Traits to take

Though I prefer economic dynasty traits, you don't start with a town. I focus on a good start of the map, as a good start makes the end game a little bit easier. So...
Noble Steed (+5 movement for first week), the +3 movement, +3 Core, +1 Elite, and the one that reduces costs of resorcse in the market place.

Map 3

With only 3 towns and 2 external buildings... this is a small map.

You come with a level 12 secondary hero from the previous map (if you have leveled him even better), but I forget the name. I built him with economic skills (+1 creatures/week, reduce costs of build 20%, +20% on everything you pick up, and count as an extra marketplace + Logistics and Pathfinding) they picked up everything, following the main hero. He will fall way behind (your main hero has +8 total movement/day over him) but that is OK.

Take Town A and when feasible build up to the town portal so you can jump back to town if/when needed. Clear the area around it, then head south. Take Fort B. There is a quest person to the north of B, it is optional. Since you are picking up everything from the ground anyhow, might as well take the quest. Your next objective is to reach Town C and claim it for your own.

This opens up the doors above Town A, but unless pressed keep clearing the entire area around Town C including the area to the North. Once you have the two pieces of Ore, gate back to Town A, then portal next to the quest person and give him the ore. Gate back to your main town and head north. Your next objective is Town D. Clear out everything around the town before heading toward the bridge.

Here you will find a person trapped in Stasis, and … one heck of a Boss Battle. This Kirin is not your ordinary Kirin - it has around 80.000 HP. It will be a very tough battle, so since there is no further danger except for this boss... feel free to hang around and build up your army.

When fighting this boss, on round two, he will summon a tsunami-like effect. When he does (and any time in the combat he resummons it), make sure as many stacks as possible are behind the Pillars. That spell hurts! Also beware of Riptide. If you don't move the stack it is cast on asap it will do a ton of damage (it targets a square, not a stack)... but the boss has a habit of freezing a unit in place, meaning you can not escape it.

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