The last scenario in Spazz's campaign is here! Once again prepare for both good and bad news. Let's start with the good: You get to play with both Megadragons and Goblin Knights! You will get one free Megadragon every month, and you can recruit as many Goblin Knights from your four G.K.Lairs as you can afford. And thanks to their awesome stats, speed of growth and low cost they will prove a boon! Your town is even guarded by two strong garrisons, so you don't have to bother guarding your hometown.

The bad news is that you have a long, boring trek ahead of you. The whole southern and eastern part of the map is mostly empty, with a few useful places (two Gold Mines, two Arenas) scattered here and there. Especially the Arenas will give you a hard choice: Visit them right away, when they are not that useful, or leave them for a later time, which will mean an even longer and more boring travel to get to them. The choice is yours.

The north part of the map is a snowy home of dwarves, whose presence manifests itself in the form of eleven teal armies. Happy trudging in the snow! To add insult to the injury, all of these armies are exactly the same (200 Dwarves, 5 Dragon Golems), and all of them have a life expectation of two turns when faced by an army of one Spazz and one Megadragon. That sucks!

When you are done with the dwarves, visit the quest hut in the north-west. That will open a tunnel to the underground; the tunnel is located near an ice spire in the central region of the north. On your way there visit another Arena (I doubt you will have the patience to "leave it until later").

The tunnels are just as empty as the north, but unlike the north, they are rather heavily guarded by three Troglodyte armies. Yes, I realize Troglodytes aren't that powerful creatures, but when there are 2800+ of them and you don't have anything that could slow them, they can be a nuisance. You will win in the end, of course (if nothing else, a Spazz doped with the Immortality Potions up to his eyeballs will take care of them eventually), but you might want to lose as few creatures as possible and especially avoid running away at all costs. But if you take care to recruit all Goblin Knights, split 5x1 troops (especially the Nightmares are useful for this) as retaliation-fodder and perhaps cast Cat Reflexes on the Goblins, you should have little trouble.

When you reach the end of the tunnels, another quest guard will notify you that to continue further, you will need to capture the town of Rimewood first. Leave the tunnels and go north-east until you reach it. On your way visit the Library and the Veteran's Guild. It is lightly guarded and should not cause any trouble whatsoever to Spazz and his Megadragons. Don't forget to make a good use of the present Seminary.

You can return to the tunnels now, and visit the Quest Hut. Don't be surprised when some Dwarves and Dragon Golems jump at you; if you are sneaky and/or lazy and went there with a single disposable unit, just let the ambushers to dispose of it, it's task - opening the next part of the tunnels - was already achieved. Then you can continue to the last opposing town.

Expect a relatively hard fight. You are facing a Level 40 Tactics/Combat/Life hero with some serious armies, and another army led by a Level 25 Life/Combat hero. Fortunately they are camped in front of the town, not inside. You will need to use advanced tactics against him, a head-rush in the best tradition of barbarian attacking doesn't work very well - my invasion force of Spazz, 2 Megadragons and 35 Goblin Knights only managed to destroy about half of his Champions, and then had to run away!

I was wiser after that. I did use Spazz to hit-and-run again, further reducing the enemy ranks. The third attempt, again with the loner Spazz, succeeded. I will admit the tactics I used wasn't quite fair, but it worked well enough: The trick is to lure as many enemy units to Spazz as possible by staying on the spot, drinking Potions of Immortality, and Disintegrating the unlucky Monks when time permitted. Once Spazz gets surrounded, the victory is at hand - the AI will then use the Catapults to kill off all of its units! Finishing the remains with Disintegrates and Chain Lightnings is easy enough once the Level 40 General is dead.

Just before the final assault on the unguarded town, Spazz reached Level 28 as Fireguard, with a full grandmastery in Chaos, GM Combat, master Melee and Resistance, and some miscellaneous skills. The whole quest took him 232 days. He should be able to do well enough in the last campaign :-)