Thjorgard is an important central city that contains the Grandmaster Trainers for Weapons and Armor skills

Watch out! This is Rip-Off City! The merchants (other than a small black market on the second floor of the tavern) will cheat you faster than a Saigon street vendor to a new GI on his first day in country! Especially avoid training here unless essential. It costs three times what training costs in Frosgard, for example!

  • Jaarl: Restore Mine Production
  • Jaarl: Restore Ore Refining
  • Jaarl: Steal the Relic
  • Survive the Training Hall
  • Save the Jaarl (Paladin Promotion)
  • Scholar Promotion Quest
  • Mage promotion Quest
  • Weapons and Armor: None
  • Magic: None
  • Specialties: E/M in all except meditation
  • Grandmaster Training: All weapon and armor skills
  • Initiate --> Scholar
  • Scholar --> Mage
  • Jaarl's hall
  • Mon: Sturmford
  • Tues: Drangheim
  • Wed: None
  • Thurs: Guberland
  • Fri: Lindisfarne
  • Sat: Isle of Ashes
  • Sun: Thronheim
  • Stalactite in "Ebora Room"
Thjorgard City
The arena is reached through what looks to be an exit gate on the east side of the city. There is a black market shop on the second floor of the tavern with better prices than the town's merchants. (Thanks Rayhne and JoeW -- there's also a trainer up there with cheap training prices.)

The Mines
Two of the Jaarl's quests involve going into the mines. You need to restore digging, and get ore refining back underway. The refinery quest is of the Fed-X variety -- a lot of delivering X to Y.

There are lots (7) of skills-boosting barrels scattered around the mines!

Note: Playing through a second time I discovered I had totally missed more than $30,000 of Elemental Thjorgard Ore in the mines! Check every miner's cart (about half of them contain ore) and especially check the chests in the SW corner of the mines.

  • We suggest you start by heading over to the dwarf at "C" who will explain that the mine has dried up, and only of you can break through into a new area ("D") can mining resume. That will solve one of the Jaarl's quests. Just hit the wall at "D" and it will break open. Inside, you will see Ebora, a winged creature who thanks you for freeing her, and disappears! Wonder what that will turn out to mean????? (Thanks Kreegor -- she is part of a later "Bath House in Arslegard" quest. Open question: The second time through I found a stalactite (stalagmite?) hanging down from the ceiling in the Ebora room. If you break it off, it falls and fills a hole in the floor. Anyone have a clue what that does?? There is an odd partial "script bug" here. Unless you knock out all pieces of the wall (7-8 pieces) then the AI will not recognize the task as complete. When done, report back to the dwarf at "C", and that half of the quest is done.
  • Note: I totally missed the great area in the SW my first time through! It is a classic set of RPG puzzles leading to a couple chests with $20,000 worth of Elemental Thjorgard Ore. At point "J" the passage is blocked by boards that cannot be broken or exploded. But, if you shoot through the boards to an explosive barrel near point "K" it will cause a miners cart to roll down and break through the area. To enter the room at K remove the nails from the door. At "K" there is a steam/water vent spigot. Turn it and it blasts open the room to the north. Turn off the water and loot the room. Finally, to get into the room at "L," shoot the lantern on the far wall. It falls and starts a chain reaction. Run out of range. Inside are two chests, each with a large piece of ore.
  • If you now head into the circular room you will discover the refining extractor is broken. The only one who can fix it is a retired mechanic, Hjaarold Fixer, who lives "somewhere in the city." Go to Thjorgard and you'll find his home in the SW corner of the city. He says he will meet you back at the mines. Careful! When you return, he is NOT waiting with the dwarf at "F" as you might expect. Before you (as I did!) go back and search Thjorgard, etc.., just go up the ramp to the room at "G." He is behind the machine. You have to open it (press on the lower left) and remove the broken equipment. Take it to the armor shop in the city, have it fixed, return and install it. (Note: when playing this through a second time, I found you can fix the extractor without Hjaarold. Just open the machine, take out the bad part, and go get it fixed. That saves you a round trip to the city and solves that part of the quest, but leaves the annoying quest item in your log to "Find Hjaarold...".
  • But first, a little exploring. (Will points out that this description is a little misleading -- making it sound like an option. You have to clear out all the Throgs, and un-nail the two doors, before you will get credit for clearing out the mine!) When you entered, straight ahead ("A") is a dwarf who will show you the hole in the floor that has developed at "B." Don't worry about it. You can solve both quests while ignoring the hole ... but what fun would that be! After all, real RPGers can't pass up a good cave! Drop down through the hole and fight through the poison-spewing Throgs. grab the treasures, drink from the barrels. At points "I" and "H" you will find why the two doors you discovered didn't open from the other side. They're nailed shut. Remove the nails, and they open (or, more accurately, fall.) Most of the corpses will give you a good dose of disease if you go for the loot they carry. But what the heck! You're on your way back to Guberland, and there's a temple there, right!

Training Hall This was one of the more difficult tasks. The orc-warriors inside are pretty tough, and have quite a fire attack, too.

Note: This is part one of the three-part Snorri quests. Snorri (in the Thjorgard tavern) sends you the the Training hall 1st and suggests that it is part of the path to "kill a dragon." Only when you return to Snorri after completing the training hall wil he send you to the Abbot in Lindisfarne to "get the dragon to appear." The Abbot says he will (only if you went back to Snorri after completing the Training Hall) as soon as you get the Saint's Bone (relic) back from the Wizard's Lab in Yorwick. When you complete the Saint's Relic quest, then the dragon will start appearing in the Lindisfarne cave.

To get inside, you must climb up a broken pedestal on the right side of the hall to the first roof, then up a plank to the second roof. Break through a weak wall section, and you're inside. Jump onto a chandelier and take a one-way ride down to a pair of very nasty ghouls.

Once you dispatch the ghouls, you might figure out that there is no way back up. You'll have to find another way.

A ladder up the big pillar at "A" leads to a chest. The ladder at "B" leads to a good place to run and hide, later, if you're overwhelmed.

The Ropes Room is fun. Very clever design! No baddies. Just a series of ropes and platforms to climb. There a chest at the top in the NE corner.

Down the W corridor are a couple orc-warriors. Down the stairs at "C" leads to a small herd of nasties who look and sound a lot worse than they really are.

Now the real problem ... the 8-10 orc-warriors down the E corridor in the room with the exit. They will easily overwhelm even a senior party, are too fast to outrun, and quickly cut off your escape by surrounding you.

If you know the "Enrage" spell, you can keep well out of sight, cast it on a couple of them, and let them cut down the size of their own group as you watch. The top of the tower at "B" can be helpful, too.

Thanks GerMax: There is a black chest I missed in the woodpile in the exit room!

Thanks PE -- if you press the switch on one of the training sleds (the horses on the rails) it will crash into the wall and reveal a secret room. Deal with the "ghouls next door" and loot the two nice chests inside.

Only when they are wiped out can you exit.

Save the Jaarl Part of the Paladin Promotion Quest is to save a man's life. Turns out it is the Jaarl. You take him the "disturbing note" you received from Grehgknak in Lindisfarne. He realizes that there is a plan to assassinate him in the Arena tomorrow.

So you are sent to the arena, sign up for a fight (any level) and the assassin simply walks out into the middle of the arena. Confront him and he crumbles like a week old Famous Amos cookie. Report to the Jaarl, and now you have to track down the mastermind, Harris Wellington. (Thanks Talish - for remembering his name.) After you confront him, report back to the Jaarl. Spoiler: He is in the merchant's shop near "E" on the city map, above.

Circus The circus is Thjorgard is a key to a later quest given in Thronheim -- the "Bikki Quest." Your old friend Yrsa (remember the seer and her dragonfly quest when you first passed through the Isle of Ashes?)

There are 5 games. When you first enter, you need to buy tickets from the circus master in the NE part of the circus. If you win all games you get an important prize, a teddy bear that is needed before you can save all Chelden from destruction at the hands of the on-rushing hoards. In fact, while you are playing games and getting sick on cheap cotton candy at the circus, all the Jaarls are massacred! Where are your priorities, adventurer????

Note: (Thanks Rasputin) Like the Guberland Circus where you cannot win the Capstone until the Capstone quest is actually given, I do not believe you can win the doll for Bikki until that quest is actually given by Yrsa.

Another of the misleading dialogs here. (Thanks Kreegor for bailing me out on this simple one when I was stuck trying to figure out the object of one game.) The circus master says he gives instruction "if this is your first visit" but then tells you nothing. I assumed I must have spoken to him several months (gametime) before so no instructions were possible now. One of the games defied me without any idea what I was trying to do! Turns out he slips a scroll into my inventory.

  • Whack the Duckies: Hit 8 of them. Use the spacebar, not your sword. (Hint: Much easier if you stand at the end of the table!! hehe)
  • Strong man: have your strongest person hit it.
  • Breakthrough: Wall your opponent in so he can't place another stone. The trick is to wall off a larger part of the board.
  • Boat race: The leftmost boat is yours. Shoot it with arrows, or hit it with your sword to make it go. (A GM ranger with the Everstrike bow, 100% accuracy, sure helped here!)
  • Color the rocks: Guess the color of the back row of rocks in three tries. Click a color in the front row, then the back row stone you are guessing. When your round of guesses are in press the switch. Any correct guesses light on fire. You get three tries.
Steal the Relic This quest is done in the Lindisfarne Monastery. See the walkthrough in the Lindisfarne section.
Scholar Promotion WARNING: Make sure you have read the "Bugs and ONE HUGE WARNING" section about the serious Promotion Lockout Issue before you do this!!!

Tyron in the university sends you out to discover facts about the legendary "magreeb."

You'll find them in the NE corner of Thjorgard. One will even let you come up to it and look closely. Return and Tyron asks you an incredibly difficult question -- was it green or red? D'oh!

Done! You're a scholar. Now run back to Guberland and train up!

Mage Promotion WARNING: Make sure you have read the "Bugs and ONE HUGE WARNING" section about the serious Promotion Lockout Issue before you do this!!!

Johannes in the university gives you one of the most difficult quests in the midgame. Go inside the ruins on the Isle of Ashes (yup -- the first Island you visited) and bring back a diary there.

This is a VERY difficult place with high level apparitions, terrors, and other undead beasties. Trust me ... you're not ready to even think about it until you have a strong party (at least level 25-plus) and probably have already promoted the rest of your non-mage party members!

When you return, he tells you that you found the wrong book, but gives you a key and suggests you look in Drangheim, and that the book is "under the floor."

Hint: Check out the village, not the town.

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