Dagger Wound Island



Expert teachers:

  • A: Leather, Plate
  • W: Bow
  • M: Air, Earth, Body
  • S: Bodybuilding, Disarm, Merchant

Master teachers:

  • Arms, Identify Item

GM Teachers:

  • Alchemy, Regeneration


  • Maximum to level 5

Magic shops:

  • Normal (low level) elemental spells, only No self, light, dark spells

Quests (Short term):

  • Repair Portals
  • Idol of the Snake
  • Find Brother
  • Book of Snake
  • Potion of Pure Speed
  • Cure yellow Fever

Quest (for later in game):

  • Fellman Letter
  • Get Antidote to poisoned water supply


  • Abandoned Temple
  • Library (Mid-game, when you can fly)
  • Pirate Outpost (Mid game, appears after certain events)
  • Plane of Earth (Towards the end of the game)


  • Boat to Ravenshore

Don't be in a hurry to leave Dagger Island, or take on the abandoned temple (if you find it early on.) You don't have much of a chance to survive if you leave the island before building your characters to the maximum possible from the trainer on the island – level 5. Six of the quests can be accomplished on the island. And, most importantly, before you head to the mainland you can gather enough skill points to reach expert status in a number of critical skills available on the island – including Bow, Body Magic, and Disarm. Disarm and Body expertise are especially valuable when you take on the temple.

  1. 1. Explore the town. Don't even think about heading down to the beach yet! Visit every house. Receive all the quests. Find the three NPCs who can join your party. Check out all the barrels and wells. Barrels give the character who drinks a permanent boost to an attribute. Wells give either permanent or temporary boosts.
  2. Click on the central fountain! (Trust me – you'll be glad you did! It is the key to the town portal spell later in the game when your magic user is a master in water magic.)
  3. Don't forget to check inventory and skills of the three new NPCs!! You need to equip their armor and weapons and see what they have you might sell off. Also, they (unlike your character) start with skill points that can be distributed!
  4. Now you're ready for your first battles. Head S out of town, passing along the E side of the central mountain. Join in some of the battles with the pirates. Be sure to loot any bodies you find (you need the money for better equipment and training.) Midway down the island, on the lower SE slope of the central mountain, is a treasure chest.
  5. Past the central mountain, head W to a group of three huts. Get the quests here. Note the bow expert trainer, especially. Don't worry that you have no clue how to make a potion of pure speed! Just collect lots of red, blue, and yellow flowers are you wander about. When you have enough, Thistle will make one. Very valuable potion! Use it wisely!
  6. Go fight some more pirates, head back to town to heal, rest, equip and train. Get yourself to at least level 2-3. Now, head to the S tip of the island (past a transporter.) Fight through and loot some more treasure chests.
  7. Now you can use the transporter you just passed. Heal up, train and equip, and "beam me up Scotty." Fight through to a group of treasure chests, then past them to a group of three huts. Note the body magic and merchant trainers. Here you will find the missing brother and can cure 3 of the six huts that have Yellow fever. (Don't forget to return and get the reward for your efforts. You might be able to train up another level.)
  8. Go to the S tip of the island, and beam over to another island. In front of you is the abandoned temple. Don't take it on just yet, but do go inside (just to the 1st room!) You'll find an NPC (knight) ready to add some needed muscle to your party. Check his equipment and distribute his skill points. Exit the temple. You'll come back later to clean out the mess inside.
  9. Head NE around the temple to another group of three huts. These are the final 3 that need the yellow fever cure. Cure them, and head back to town for the usual – rewards, a night of partying, level-ups, skills, and equipping.
  10. The Abandoned Temple. (See Below)
  11. When you finally exit the temple, you will see a dock with a ship that will take you off the island. Don't take it yet, though. Instead, head south along the beach and you will discover another transporter. It takes you back to the village (you finally learn what that "dead" transporter in town does. It is now active. Get credit for your quests, equip and train.
  12. Take the ship to Ravenshore!

You will come back to Dagger Island later in the game several times. Soon you will be able to return with the antidote for the poisoned well, You might want to use the island’s trainers. Much later you will revisit town hall to get an answer to a quest you receive in Ravage Roaming. Also, you will take on three major areas that you cannot reach until you can fly or waterwalk.


Abandoned Temple

  1. This is a pretty straight-forward hack-and-slash with four puzzles and a bunch of secret doors. Now you will really appreciate having a party member with expert disarm and a 3-4 in perception.
  2. Head down, fight through the nasties, then down another set of stairs to the blocks room. You need to get to the other side. Theoretically you can jump across on the blocks. Just beyond the block room, on each side of the path, are hidden doors with some great treasures – including the Prophecies of the snake,
  3. Next is the invisible path room. You have a real problem if you do not have 3-4 perception skill somewhere in your party. Now you get to a tough one, the death drop room. When you cross and try to open the far door, the floor starts to drop. You need to QUICKLY find a way to open the door before you are impaled on the spikes below.
  4. After death drop, there is an opening on the right. You will be taking on about 16 million snakes, etc. Fight through all the dead ends until you find a large room filled with baddies. Exterminate the vipers. Then search carefully for a secret panel with a key quest item for much later in the game (prophecies of the Sun.)


Library (Island SE of Dagger Wound Island)

  1. You wont come here until mid game (certainly only after you've visited Shadowspire and other locations. You have to be able to fly, have a flying dragon in your party, or water walk. The place is full of elementals. Get to the top floor. The (quest item) Book of Khel is up here.


Pirate Outpost (Island S of Dagger Wound Island)

  1. This island is empty until mid-game when it appears after a quest is given to you.
  2. On the left when you enter is a button that open a secret passage. Climb down the passage, and fight your way through to a big room. Secret doors head out the other three sides. Head through the side doors first to get a few treasures. Then go through the door at the far end. Kill the pirate leader and take his key. It opens a door at the far side of the pirate leader’s room from where you entered. But -- before going through it, head back to the entry area, go upstairs, and pull the middle lever on the wall to reveal a safe. The key also opens the safe.
  3. Now head back to the leader’s room, through the door you opened with the key on the far side, and discover a submarine. Put the key in the ignition, pedal to the metal, and boogie off to an Island you could not reach until now –Regna.