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This scenario begins with you in sole possession of the snow-bound island in the northeast corner of the map. Just like the previous scenario, you'll want to have Bohb and Violet travel separately and alone. (at least for a while) Head Bohb south immediately for your second Academy town. While Violet is swiping dwellings and mines away from the undermanned wandering monster stacks. By the end of week one you should have all mines, dwellings and creature banks (ie: keep)
In regards to building up your two towns, you should obviously focus first on getting your city hall's in both towns. Next priority is to get a boat. I, unfortunately, hadn't gotten Seamanship yet, so I was fairly hampered with my sea-movement. But thankfully, there's a lighthouse due south of my second Academy. I set out with both Bohb and Violet in my newly built ship and first took the lighthouse, then sailed north along the eastern coast of my island. You'll eventually find your way to the School of Life Magic. In order to land on this magical island I had to fight my way past a difficult stack of Angels. My first attempt to defeat these angels was fairly pitiful. They got a moral boost and I had forgotten to change my formation to boxed, so the angels crossed the battlefield in one move and killed Violet. NOT exactly the way I was wanting to begin this battle. After seeing that Bohb had NO CHANCE of beating these angels alone, I was forced to re-load. The second go-round I had my heroes a little bit farther away, so I was able to summon some troops (griffins) to harass the angels and allow Violet to get in secondary attacks instead of being forced to make the initial attacks and thereby taking the full brunt of the retaliation. So anyway, after about 6 rounds of combat I was able to pluck the wings of these angels and gain access to the much needed Life altars and tree of knowledge. While I'm clearing out this island and then subsequently clearing out the eastern sea, I focused my town building on getting my dwellings up to genies. (I decided to go for Golems and Genies...and I'm leaning towards Dragon Golems. I haven't played them in a while *grin*) After I've cleared out the eastern sea, I have a choice to make. I can either land on the southern mainland and start doing battle with the local Strongholds OR I can head back home to gather troops and learn more spells (I've built the mage guilds / libraries / University). Well, seeing as how I've gotten this far fairly quickly, I decide that I can spare a bit of time to re-stock. So I head home.

After replenishing my spell points and getting some new spells (I also managed to get Seamanship for Violet at a University...yippee!) I re-board my ship and sail south. After building all my dwellings and such, I'm fairly strapped for gold at the moment. So I decide to forgo purchasing troops for now. I'm going to try to gain a foot-hold on the mainland without assistance and then caravan them over. I hope.

During my sea-exploration I've spotted 2 Strongholds on the mainland. One is just slightly southwest of my island and the other is all the way at the southern edge of the map. I decide to head for the southern one first and work my way northward. After landing a wandering hero with several T-birds is roaming around to welcome me. Unfortunately for him, I'm a rather rude house-guest. After spanking this hero rather pathetically I snatch his nearly undefended Stronghold. After taking this 3rd town and my scouting radius increases I spot another hero heading northwest along a small peninsula. As it turns out, this peninsula heads to a teleporter to, what I soon find out to be, a lava-coated island to the west. So I give chase. Once you go through the teleporter you spy a Black Dragon dwelling. Uh-oh. Maybe I should've brought some troops. This could get ugly. But I figure...heck, if I HAVE to, I could always re-load. So I go for it. Heading northwest, I quickly come to yet another Stronghold town. After seeing the mediocre forces guarding this town, I've come to the conclusion that first Stronghold I saw on the mainland was probably the Red heroes main castle. (as a side note, once I spotted the Black Dragon dwelling I immediately built the caravan in my first Stronghold town and began shuttling genies and 2 Dragon Golems to the mainland) After capturing my second Stronghold town I grab a few of the local mines and head back through the teleporter. But I got there 1 day late. The main Red hero has come strolling south and he's packing cyclops and T-birds. My reinforcements are still 2 days away and the red hero is closer to my castle than I am. I'm going to lose this castle durnit! On a sudden inspiration I decide to try out the spell Mire for the first time. This spell has a SHOCKING result. That red hero was only about 10 steps away from my castle but after the mire spell, he's only able to travel about 3 steps and he's done. Wow. I knew what that spell did, I just didn't know how EFFECTIVE it could be. Amazingly, I beat this hero to my castle AND I get my reinforcements in time to turn the tide most effectively because now he runs back north. Hehehe. Considering the forces the Red hero had with him, I decide it's probably best to stay put for a few days and gather some more troops before heading north. In the meantime, I clear out the local mines and some harpy dwellings.

It is now the middle of week 5 and I have full spell points, several immortality potions, 4 Dragon Golems and about 20 genies. That aught to do it. Along the way northward I capture a few more mines and dwellings before I assault the next Stronghold. Using my Dragon Golems as shields in a loose formation we handily defeat the castle defenders. The nastiest surprise that I used in that battle was summoning waspworts twice (giving me about 20 or so) and then teleporting them onto one of the archer towers inside the castle. Those waspworts made quick work of the cyclops (who had stepped down off of a tower), and my water elementals and genies did in the T-birds rather quickly as they were trying to kill my Dragon Golems (they did manage to kill 2 of them). After taking this town, I headed west just south of an east/west mountain range. I soon came to a lightly defended Haven town. After taking this town, a purple hero came south and, even with me casting mire on him, managed to take my recently acquired Stronghold. The bad news was that this also released the level 20 general from prison. This guy was tough. GM Combat, archery and magic resistance along with a ton of tactics. My two recently recruited lords didn't stand a chance (I had been recruiting new lords for each new town I'd acquired) and were forced to retreat to my southern stronghold. Refusing to let the purple hero and the level 20 general get away, I repeatedly cast Mire on them (it took 3 castings to finally get it to work on the general due to his resistance) and I quickly overtook them and sent them packing.

Let's recap. I'm currently in possession of 2 fully built Academies, 1 fully built stronghold, and 2 more nearly fully built strongholds and one Haven that's up to City hall and a caravan. Bohb and Violet are both level 20 and fully pumped up. My army consists of 5 Dragon Golems and 32 genies.

After re-taking my northern stronghold I head north through the pass just west of this stronghold. Heading west from here I find another poorly defended Haven that I quickly capture and build a caravan. (I sense that I'm nearing the end of the map so I start shuttling Gold Golems and Dragon Golems to this Haven and just for fun some Cyclops and T-birds) Heading northeast from this Haven I finally reach the northern edge of the mainland and find a heavily defended Haven. Shuttling some extra troops northward from my new Haven I attack. I lost all of my Dragon Golems and about half of my genies, all of my T-birds and all of my cyclops. I also lost Violet but a immortality potion revived her. It was an expensive victory but I won. I've now got Bohb, Violet and a handful of Genies. But I decide to push my luck. I head west from this town towards the final Haven town. Along the way I encounter a hero with a smattering of troops blocking my path. I attack and pummel him. As a reward, I get the Angelfeather Cloak. That's all she wrote folks. Game over.