Ever since Ubisoft announced their online DRM policy, requiring players of Ubisoft PC games to stay connected to the Internet while playing, the community of gamers have protested to the scheme. When the policy was first announced back in February 2010, Celestial Heavens issued this statement, explaining our views on the matter, and predicting that the policy would do more harm than good. We were right. Rife with problems Ubisoft initially claimed would be minimal, the policy ... well, there's really no other word for it: it failed.

Earlier this year, Ubisoft started to cool off on the policy, but still, some elements of the company claim that the measure has been successful. That could just be the final statement to save face before taking another step away from it all - we just don't know ... by any account, it doesn't make sense.

Might and Might Community Developer Irina Kassina has confirmed, however, that there will be no online DRM used in Might and Magic: Heroes VI. Indeed, it has also been confirmed that there will be no copy protection at all. It seems that instead, Ubi have gone all Stardock and settled for a special bonus program available for online players. It is called the CONFLUX.

The Conflux is basically a set of online features - which means that they will motivate players to go online, but playing offline will also be possible. This is a good thing, with Ubisoft's track record in supporting online features. As for the contents, it is all explained in these three videos: