After very long time, certainly for mobile game, Creature Quest come to an end (2017-2024).

There are likely several resons, leading here:

  • End of Marmelade Engine, due to iOS changeable requirements pilling up. This left the game being updated and patched on the dead engine.
  • End of CQ support with iOS 16+
  • And recently there were reported some lags over Android 13
  • As Marmelade Engine was multiplatform, it was mostly question of time, where all these problems will arise and in the effect shrink number of players only on these having iOS 15 and below and Android 12 and below.
  • Additonaly the game is not advertised from 2020, perhaps with exception of Heroes Community. Which is somewhat correlating with time, from which is not patched.

To our dedicated community,

We want to thank all of you for your passion and commitment to our project over these many years. We hope that we were able to bring some joy and fun into your lives.

It is with a heavy heart that we have to notify you that starting February 29, 2024, Creature Quest will be shutting down its servers indefinitely. This means the game will no longer be able to open, even for those that already have the app. Additionally, in-app purchasing will be disabled as of February 15, 2024. We kept it running as long as we could, but it is no longer feasible.5

We wish all of you the best and hope to see you again on another project some day.

Quest on!

This is a sad news, this game was unique and there's not known succesor, not even spiritual one, to me.