HoMM3/WoG Files


Map Objects 1.09

This patch was designed by the talented Salamandre. It contains over 600 objects allowing the mapmaker many options for design. Included within the file are Roman, Chinese and objects from Heroes IV and many other well known games. This zip file contains the 1.09 .wog file, instructions and the WoG Map Editor, which is in .rar format. Just put the .wog file in the WoG Update folder and then select the Update button. A clean WoG install is recommended before updating this file. A must for any WoG mapmaker!

Download: Map Objects 1.09


WoG Map Editor (Ver. 3.3)

This is a more advanced Map Editor for WoG than the one that comes with the original download. Created by GrayFace, this tool combines the use of an object editor with the usual Map Editor. The object editor allows you to turn anything into anything you want. Don't like the look of the Inferno? Then pick a tree and convert it. Don't like where an entrance is located? Change it! This editor has many other useful functions, and you could spend many hours creating the most unique maps possible!

Download: Map Editor (Ver. 3.3)



MM Archive

This tool is great for uploading or extracting any of the documents or graphics in either the H3sprite.lod or the bitmap.lod. It's simple and easy to use. Always remember that if you want to add or subtract creatures, buildings or texts, it's a good thing to make yourself a backup in case you don't like something you put in the game. This not only can be used for WoG, but RoE, AB and SoD as well. Another great program created by GrayFace.

Download: Visit this link, to download the latest version.




The program was designed in order to simplify the life of an ordinary gamer who doesn't want to know anything about the game resources and about a difficult way of changing them. He (she) downloaded a pack with 1-2 creature defs and wants them to replace, say, Angel. Anything the player needs is to choose those defs (or only battle def) and select monster name from the list. The program will take care of backup and importing. The idea and first description belong to Valery (Salamandre). Beta testing and the most routine work (the creation of def list) was also done by him. Credits also go to GrayFace for "Lod" Pascal unit and to unknown author of lodedit.exe.

Download: DEFka



New Interface

Some WoG fans led by FCst1, have created a new Interface for both HoMM 3 an WoG. There are so many changes here, and they are too numerous to include here. But once you download this package and put it in the game, you won't be sorry you did. The graphics are simply brilliant and there are no problems like crashes or missing files. This is an absolute first class must have! Team members include. Astaroth, T2_2112, dmad, DANZA, Kreegan, gnollking, Trith, sheldenzaire, Iv, ww13, BigJocker (Some resource from him were used.), Morn (Some resources were used by him too.)

Download: New Interface


New WoG Interface

This is made by one of the members on the Interface team. It' just another add on to the Mod listed above. This also changes the look on all the options selected in the WoG Options Menu. This version appears more user friendly compared to the original. Just unzip the Archive and replace the files in data/zvs/lib1. With the ZPIC001 zip file inside this download, unzip it and place it in the h3/data folder. Be sure to back up your originals before you replace them.

Download: WoG Interface



Adventure Creatures by GnollKing

Here is a program that gives a new look to your creatures in your Heroes screen as well as in the town and other places where your bound to find creatures. They have a fresh look to them and give a little more kick to the look of your army. Created by GnollKing, who lent his craft to the Interface team with this program. But a separate .wog file is provided here in case the Interface Mod is not for you. Just put it in your update folder and run the Update exe.

Download: Adventure Creatures


New Battlefields

There are 75 new battlefields here assembled by Salamandre. Many of the pics are done by Morn along with a bunch of other well known Artists. Also with the new battlefields is script 68 by GrayFace. This script allows you to see the new battlefields in different areas, such as a separate field for Dragon Utopias, or creature banks and so on. Just replace script 68 in you data/s folder and put the battlefields in data/s as well. Back up your original script 68 if you want to play in the original format.

Download: New Battlefields



Heroes 4 Heroines

This Mod should bridge the gap between HoMM3 and HoMM4. It includes all the female Heroes from HoMM4 along with a few well known creatures from the game. The female characters replace the original commanders and the creatures replace some of your level 8 creatures, Simply drop the .wog file in your WoG update folder and run the WoG Update exe. All graphics and sounds (except Succubus) extracted by JonJ (Zbigniew). Succubus made (or extracted) by Darkloke. Succubus flying animation, small unit on the map portraits made by JonJ. BMP pictures painted by JonJ.

Download: Heroes 4 Heroines



Fairy Town

Here is a beautiful town that should introduce the kiddies to play HoMM3/WoG. And the town works as good as it looks. To get this town to come to life, you'll have to install all the files manually by using either MM Archive or DEFka. But once you do, I think you'll be very pleased with the results. Be sure to make up a backup file before you change anything. Made by bucazaurus.

Download: Fairy Town



New Heroes

This Mod was created by Salamandre and is a good addition for both WoG and HoMM3. It simply replaces the horses the Heroes ride on in the adventure map. It also comes with unique sounds and the Heroes appear in the Map Editor as well. Instructions are included in the download. Give you adventure screen a new look!

Download: New Heroes



New Commanders

New Commanders are always welcome to any WoG player. This is a beatutiful Mod made by Salamandre using new tools for graphic design. Simply put the .wog file in your WoG update folder and install using the WoG Update exe. It would be recommended to make a back up of the Commanders you are using now. This is a great pack!

Download: New Commanders



HoMM Desktop Theme

This is a Desktop Theme pack centered around HoMM 2 and 3. You get the Pic above as your wallpaper. All files should go where all your Windows desktop themes are located. Many sounds and desktop themes are changed giving the true HoMM fan much pleasure while your not playing the game.

Download: Heroes Desktop Theme



New Backgrounds

This pack contains 4 changed backgrounds for the towns, Castle, Inferno, Stronghold and Fortress. They are beautiful in appearance and add a new element to the towns as a whole. They must be added into the H3bitmap.lod manually by using either MM Archive or DEFka. Add them and enjoy a new look to the background of your town.

Download: New Backgrounds


Stronghold Background

This would be the preferred background change to the Stronghold. Much work has been done by the Interface team on this background. Just drop the .wog file into your WoG update folder and run it with the WoG Update exe. Be sure to back up your files if you decide you want to return to the original.

Download: Stronghold Background



Red Castle Images

This program changes the colors of some of the buildings in the Castle. Instead of blue pennants and a blue stable for Champions, they will be red. Another wonderful dynamic for the town. Place the .wog file in the wog update folder and run it with the WoG Update exe. Be sure to back up your files before you change anything.

Download: Red Castle Images



Autumn Rampart Background

This is another Mod done by the team that brought you the new interface. This changes the background of the Rampart. Simply put the file in the WoG update folder and run it with the WoG Update exe. Make sure you back up all your files before you install this mod in case you would like to play with the original.

Download: Autumn Rampart Background



Hero of Light Mod Ver 1.1

This Mod was created by Hero of Light. It brings another element to the game and is considered quite good by those who've played it. It changes some of the ERM scripts but backs up the originals. It also includes a .wog file. and new creature defs which are placed automatically. Play it and let HoL know what you think of it.

Download: Hero of Light



Standalone WoG Map Editor

Features: * This version is a stand alone, does not require having the game installed * Entire functional editor * Allows creating full maps * Contains an integrated patch for creating maps without additional LOD files * Includes extensive reference to the map editor, description of all objects, and some nice improvements (Grayface and Black Phantom) * It weights only 16 Mb, while WoG needs 350 Mb * In compressed state it takes 10 Mb * Fast and stable, due to minimum files * This version can correct many errors in text files * Was tested more than a year * No extra files in LOD. Only necessary text files, pictures and the standard editor for WoG objects Special thanks to 3DO company for such an excellent game, Sergei Rozhenko (GrayFace) for invaluable contribution to the map editor and game development.

Download: Standalone WoG Editor



Heroes 3 High Resolution (Ver. 2.20)

High resolution views are now possible with this program. It supports all screen resolutions for RoE, AB, SoD and WoG. Experience the game that best fits your screen. This version corrects many of the problems of earlier versions and has been considered stable by the people who've played with it. This download also includes the file for those who've downloaded HoMM3 from GoG. Program created by baratorch.

Download: Visit this link, to download the latest version.



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