Fan made mod, to your favourite game.

  • The Shadows over Ashan - Community DLC Pack

    "Wryn Pendragon the Umbramancer" (WPU) was cancelled and on its shoulders was created a new one, "The Shadows over Ashan", Heroes VII Community DLC.

    Shadows Over Ashan (TSoA) is a so-called "global modification", meaning that it works like any official DLC. It will add new things to the original game, specifically a new nation/town and units which you can play in

  • Heroes of Might & Magic IV - Resolution Mod by Verokster

    Great News for Heroes IV!

    This mod allows you to play Heroes of Might & Magic IV on 16:9, 16:10 screens. It is built on HoMM IV GL Wrapper, package is already included.. (If you wish to follow GL Wrappers, you  can do that directly in Verokster's

  • HoMM II. - Civ Mod

    HoMM2 CivMod

     Early testing screenshot. But still fascinating. There's even HoMM III. Civ Mod. Courtesy of Metropolis and Blake. See it  heregking1

  • MM Merge - A talk with Rodril

    For some time you can watch developing of MM Merge, which is merging Might & Magic 6-7-8 on MM8 engine. And we felt that there is a right time to ask a few questions about the mod, current state and purpose.

    Were you thinking about putting MM Merge to MM8 engine even before?
    Yes, when I played MM6 and suddenly it turned out that the characters could not become liches, and the enemies, raised with dark magic, kept being agressive, then I wanted to somehow

  • H4 Object Package - Beta released

    Good news to those who have long been waiting for mirrored objects for H4.
    We're pleased to share with you, a beta version of the H4 Object Package, fully compatible with both WoW version and Equilibris mod. (Std. and TGS versions remains to be tested).
    Download it here (15 MB)

    The H4 Objects Package v.0.55 contains mirrored versions of ALL Creature Banks and Creature Dwellings, complete with altered shadows and highlights,

  • Unofficial Community Mod (UCP) 1.1 Released

    Do you still play the latest Heroes game (at least from time to time)? Have you ever wanted to try Heroes 7 but you gave it up because of hundreds of annoying bugs? Would you like to see H7 improved?

    If you answer "yes" to any of the questions above, you might have already heard about the Unofficial Community Patch (UCP), the largest bugfixing patch for Might & Magic: Heroes 7, released in December 2017.

    This time, it returns

  • Unofficial H7 Expansion: Wryn Pendragon Umbramancer First Open BETA Announced

    Almost two long years have passed since the official end of H7 development, which makes the situation around it clear: There is no chance we would get any more add-ons... in the official way at least.

    Since that critical moment, we've been working on our Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer Project.Finally, here comes the first Open BETA version, launched on August 24th.

    What can you be eagerly anticipating every single moment during the upcoming three weeks before that Day D

  • H7: Conflux

    h7 conflux

    Kurek's Mod: H7 Conflux -This is a valiant attempt to get Conflux faction into Heroes VII. The mod is currently in state "Work In Progress", you can see its topic here, on AC forums.


  • Formally Biweekly News - 19 March 17'

    HTTPS over HTTP

    In following days we will be moving from the combined mode, when both type of connections work simultaneously — which we have for some time — to https only. To ensure that every login will be and stay encrypted. That will be covered by simple DV certificate. This also comply with current Google & Firefox politics, which dictate that insecure login is no, no.


  • H3: Complete Rampage

    H3 Rampage


    World was destroyed in clash of two omnipowerful swords but scaterred communities remained. With not enough resources what you could do?


    Death Match!


    H3: Complete Rampages (A Beat theam up mod)


    WARNING: Don't play if you detest lot of gore.

  • H4 Map Generator Updated

    Hello everyone! News from iLiVeInAbOx05:

    A new H4MG build is ready for download. Go here to get it! If you haven't tried it out yet, read the instructions, otherwise just scroll to the bottom of the page and download it :)

    The AI Enhancing portion of the H4MG has come far enough along that it’s ready to be released.

  • New Fan Mod for MM:H7 - Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer (WIP)

    There's new fan project of H7 Add-On, it goes under name: Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer

    Developers (and they are still looking for new modders) are Lord Graa, Antalyan, Arsheesh, ticor and Maksim Bugrimov, Evgeny Korchuganov (3D Modelers).

    Monsters and many faction details, including maps and scenarios are already in. As monsters there are done Scavenger, Mine Beetle, Searcher, Xenophage and Enslaver. Also

  • H4 Advanced Options Map Editor

    H4 Advanced Options Map Editor

    The Heroes 4 Map Generator is an advanced options map editor for Heroes of Might and Magic 4, created by iLiVeInAbOx05.

    How to setup:

  • H7: Alternative Creatures Mod

    Acid Dragon has launched a mod for Heroes VII,the purpose of which is to give players a larger pool from which to choose creatures. This is achieved by opening the pool of neutral creatures for core and elite tier selection:

    • Haven: Griffins and Light Elementals
    • Academy: Shantiri Golems and Air Elementals
    • Necropolis: Juggernauts and Lilim
    • Stronghold: Mermaids and Efreeti
    • Sylvan: White Tigers and Earth
  • WoG Files

    HoMM3/WoG Files


    Map Objects 1.09

    This patch was designed by the talented Salamandre. It contains over 600 objects allowing the mapmaker many options for design. Included within the file are Roman, Chinese and objects from Heroes IV and many other well known games. This zip file contains the 1.09 .wog file, instructions and the WoG Map

  • H3: SP Plugin by RoseKavalier

    An excellent plugin for Heroes3 HD Mod by baratorch. Single Player plugin can easy and speed up your playing experience, much recommended. Courtesy of RoseKavalier
  • H3: Hero of Light Mods, Lore

    Hero of Light pages about Heroes 3 lore (campaigns mostly) and more, you can also check his YouTube channel.

    He's author of Hero of Light mod, but now continues only with Glory of War mod. Download here and ...