Heroes of Might & Magic III: Armageddon's Blade was released in September 30, 1999 and continues the story started in Restoration of Erathia in six campaigns. Queen Catherine and King Roland are rebuilding Erathia following the Restoration wars when the Kreegans from the Inferno castle suddenly waged war against Erathia. Unfortunately no one is in the mood for more fighting and so defeat seems certain until a new ally appears mysteriously overnight. The Conflux town is a new addition to Armageddon's Blade and the troops are elementals from the planes of fire, water, air, and earth. Another ally is Gelu, a half-elf with the ability to turn ordinary shooters into marksmen.

In addition to the new Conflux town, other improvements Armageddon's Blade provides are a random map generator, an improved map editor, a campaign editor, and eleven new campaign heroes. What's odd is that only one of the six campaigns directly has to do with the main story.

The six campaigns are as follows.
  1. Armageddon's Blade consists of eight maps and is the main campaign in which you play both on the side of Erathia and on the side of Eofol as you alternatively try to make and take back Armageddon's Blade.
  2. Dragon's Blood consists of four maps and is the story of how Mutare takes her place as a mighty ruler in the Dungeon kingdom.
  3. Dragon Slayer consists of four maps and follows the daily life of Dragon Slayer Dracon as he goes around the countryside killing dragons with his Tower troops.
  4. Festival of Life consists of four maps as Kilgor fights for leadership of Krewlod, a Barbarian kingdom.
  5. Playing With Fire consists of three maps where Adrienne returns to her Fortress home only to find it under siege by Lord Haart and the undead.
  6. Foolhardy Waywardness is a bonus campaign and can only be played after all of the previous maps are completed and consists of four maps which you play as Christian as he tries to get back home after his boat crashes on the shore of an unknown island.


    Conflux town

    Conflux troops

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