• New campaign "Liberation of Oak Valley"

    Hi folks,
    Mctronic kindly send us his new campaign for Heroes V - Tribes of the East. Your journey will be to liberate Oak Valley, as Ylthin, a skilled and respected elven ranger.

    As each map is state of art, there's even more. The campaign contains two additional mods, one for music, with more music available over external link and Large Message Boxes mod by Pitsu. Maps has been  tested

  • Liberation of Oak Valley

    The Well of Forever
    Description: Oak Valley was once a peaceful and prosperous land, where the elves lived in harmony with nature and their neighbors. But everything changed when

    Map: Liberation of Oak Valley
    Map Version: Stable
    Uploaded: 2024-02-08
    Author: mctronic
    Game Version: H5-ToE
    Size: XL
    Underground: Yes
    MP: No
    Allied: No
    Nr of Humans: 1
    Nr of Teams: None
    Nr of AI: 1
    Campaign: Yes
    Win Condition: Defeat All
    Lose Condition: Be Defeated
    Description: Oak Valley was once a peaceful and prosperous land, where the elves lived in harmony with nature and their neighbors. But everything changed when Nicolai, the Vampire Lord, launched a devastating war against the Sylvan Empire. The elven army was forced to fight on the frontlines, leaving their homeland vulnerable to the raids of greedy warlords. The Elf King has now ordered all rangers to reclaim the lost territories and restore order. Ylthin, a skilled and respected ranger, has been given the mission to liberate Oak Valley, a region of great importance for its resources and strategic location. But she is not the only one interested in Oak Valley. Other nations have set their eyes on this prize, hoping to expand their domains and satisfy their growing needs. Ylthin will have to face many enemies and challenges in her quest to reclaim the land. Campaign of 5 maps. Additional Info: Divine Vengeance, Instant Travel, Puppet Master, Town Portal, Vampirism and Vessel of Shalassa spells have been disabled.
  • Overview of a New Maps at CH


    I will be pushing this year  to finish our database and the

  • Short News 20' - July 22

    New Armageddon Blade's Walkhtrough

    New walkthrough for Armageddon Blade, Catherine's Charge by ithacor. Fingers crossed, to be continued. Enjoy!


    Masters of Sighisoara Final Saga

    Tmos festers wanted for the last, final and mind blowing Masters of Sighisoara Campaign.

  • Heroes III: Masters of Sighisoara

    Masters of Sighisoara

    For today Advent article, Celestial Heavens decided to send our Danish reporter KarmaKeld on a virtual trip across the Öresund to Sweden, to have a chat with HeroOfPunk, founder of the Masters of Sighisoara project, about the Ghost of Christmas MoS Past, Present and Future..

    They had a Q&A over a nice cup of warm Glögg

  • MoS Honorary Member - Paul Anthony Romero

    MoS Honorary PAR

    Welcome Honorary Master of Sighiosara Team Member - Paul Anthony Romero. And be ensured that this means, that he made songs exlusively for MoS campaigns, just start checking them from here.

    Even more, if you are map maker^

  • Master of Sighiosara Campaigns - Ultimate Pack

    Master of Sighiosara team proudly presents new Ultimate Pack. Including one scenario never released before: "A Quest For No Mortal", which is set in first draft of Sighisoara world.

    And as well new Havery's story written by Hero of Punk, other goodies are high-res images from all maps and wallpaper. Of course, there are also all campaigns and scenarios previously released. See ...

  • H4 Unity

    Just received a message from Karmakeld, one of the brains behind a campaign for Heroes IV.

    We're pleased to announce that a group of dedicated Heroes 4 fans have taken upon themselves the task of creating a Heroes 4 version of the newly released H7 campaign: Unity. The H4
  • The Masters of Sighisoara


    The main "axis" of the Heroes III "Masters of Sighisoara" project, Yurian Stonebow (left) and HeroOfPunk (right). Note the computer screen, with H3 evidently running in the background.

    It's always nice to see Heroes fans getting together in real life - if only to disprove the myth that gamers are completely anti-social.

  • Masters of Sighisoara Q&A

    Q&A with the Masters of Sighisoara

    December, 2013.

    Back in 2009, CH member HeroofPunkannounced his intention to create a whole new continent called Sighisoara. Joined by fellow map makers Maygwan and Yurian Stonebow, the team have since created a whole ...

  • A Community of Map Makers

    PilgrimWith the release of King's Bounty: Crossworlds and the official announcement of Might and Magic: Heroes VI, you might be thinking that the Community is all about new games nowadays, and that there is no movement at all on other parts of the series. Not so. There is still things going on with the old games, and the most recent development is the completion of a fan-made map project
  • H7: Unofficial Community Patch

    Unoffical Community Patch (UCP) is a community modification for Might & Magic: Heroes VII and its expansion Trial by Fire. Since the game development ended in 2016 and no more official updates can be be thus expected, it's just up to this game's loyal fans to fix the remaining bugs and make Heroes VII great again. And so the largest bugfixing patch for this game was born...

    Our thread about it, is here.

  • H3: Masters of Sighisoara

    Original campaings from Sighisoara for Heroes III., with its own music and atmosphere. And be warned, this world is big!

    They have also FB | Wiki