PilgrimWith the release of King's Bounty: Crossworlds and the official announcement of Might and Magic: Heroes VI, you might be thinking that the Community is all about new games nowadays, and that there is no movement at all on other parts of the series. Not so. There is still things going on with the old games, and the most recent development is the completion of a fan-made map project for Heroes III: In the Wake of Gods.

Already, HeroOfPunk, Maygwan and Yurian Stonebow have been working for some time on the Sighisoara campaign for Heroes III - a project which has already seen the release of two maps: Masters of Sighisoara and Prime Suspect.

Today also sees the release of another Community-made project: Pilgrim´s Progress, an Extra Large map for WoG 3.58f.

Several Heroes Community members collaborated on this joint project: Dj, Paulemile, vancho1, marisa, Coconut, elaf, Ednaguy, kesnar, mamgaeater, and Vlaad worked together and created the map by having one map maker create a part of the map and upload it on the forum, and then the next one would download it and continue the work. The result, an Extra Large RPG scenario complete with underground, was thus made by several Community members. Vlaad tells me that some of them actually tried their hand at map making for the first time - and that two of them are girls!

Celestial Heavens are proud to represent and support the activities of the Might and Magic fans; the Community of players, designers and map makers who all have an interest in seeing the series live on - new games as well as old. As long as you guys keep making maps, we'll keep on putting them out there. Heroes live forever!

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