Tracy Iwata

Graphic and VFX artist, having paws on many M&M games art.
  • Tracy Iwata - Giving Away

    Hi Celestial Heavens,

    I figure your community is still active and you may know someone interested in this.

    I am giving away my old collection of Heroes and Might and Magic games. These are my copies of the games from being part of the team, they have full contents with original packaging. The weight of all the games is about 13lbs, I have yet to find a box to ship them all in so that will add to the weight total. The games are free but they are heavy (especially the compendium). I live in California, so anyone

  • Creature Quest Q&A - Final Round 2

    Creature Quest - Q&A - Final Round 2

  • Interview with Tracy Iwata

    Tracy Iwata
    January 2017

    CreatureQuest 31. A quick bio: what's your story? How did you get into gaming and what's been your career so far?

    I got hooked on video games when I was

  • Like Tears in Rain

    Like Tears in Rain: The Untold Chapters of Might and Magic


    Rare indeed is the franchise which runs for 25 years without amassing a few lost tales or unproduced instalments along the way. By no means can Might and Magic boast as such; the series has undoubtedly seen a very fair share of forgotten, unannounced, heavily-altered or incomplete games and products.

    To take stock on the 25th anniversary and summarise the lost possibilities