Hi Celestial Heavens,

I figure your community is still active and you may know someone interested in this.

I am giving away my old collection of Heroes and Might and Magic games. These are my copies of the games from being part of the team, they have full contents with original packaging. The weight of all the games is about 13lbs, I have yet to find a box to ship them all in so that will add to the weight total. The games are free but they are heavy (especially the compendium). I live in California, so anyone residing in the USA would be great to keep the cost of shipping down. If anyone is local to zip code 91320 you can pick these up for free!

If there is interest, please send me the destination zip code and city of the recipient so that I can get a shipping estimate, or if someone is picking up that would be ideal.

Photo of the games pasted to message.

Tracy Iwata


Alex will receive the collection, confirmed by Tracy. Offer closed. The first one was the choosen. ;)