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This is for Creature Quest players


Time passed and there come replies, for which you were waiting for:


1 - Trogs are excellent Epics, so you better watch out, when is their turn in Dungeon Challenge. With their last awakening they receive +1 Cleanse, which makes them one of the best Epic healers in the game. Apart from Space Papa who is expected and countered, this one is quite often beeing ignored. They cast Flame of Live to revive the target with 240%PWR and heal all remaining party members by 70%PWR. (B)

2 - Moe, Lary and Curley are guiding us in more than a one Quest. And it's hard to overlook them. Everybody knows, that you can hire them like mercenaries, but heed my words - they are more than a bit clumsy for such job. They have a great heart though. Moe is Boarbarian, Lary is a genuine Fox Musketeer and Curley the best, and always hungry Safari Pug, wielding very reasonable Peacekeeper. (A)

3 - So where you can meet them? Count with me. First you encounter them doing guards for Jann taking his tan, second they are going to figure this job is not cut for them, when making traps on Ifreet (no pic below) , third and a last when you see them is when they are eaten by huge Sand Worms. However, sometime before or meanwhile they also take a time to help you appeasing Space Papa - this is fourth. (Grand Wish: Holiday, Grand Wish: Rescue, Grand Wish: Tribute, Holiday Appeasing Popa Quest.) (C)

Moe LarryCurley Green Moe LarryCurley Black Appeasing Poppa


4 - Giants are equipped with Stun and some nasty passive, mostly warranting counter attack after secondary. Drakes have doubled dmg against their color enemy, Dragons have doubled defense against their color enemy, Geniuses heal & dispel & grant wish and Titan is only one. This all si covered only in the first option. (A)

Awakenings: Did You Know?
Awakened Genies can heal their allies if a specific buff type is active!
Awakenings: Did You Know?
Awakened Elementals and Giants all have a chance to perform a unique counterattack!
Awakenings: Did You Know?
Awakened Drakes and Dragons specialize in dealing DEVASTATING damage to their opposite Color!


5 - This is one of a few units which you can destroy quite easily, merely by not using your secondary attack. To avoid their 40% chance to reheal. For example Baroness can take them alone simply with mend and afterward just with slow beating with its primary. Of course, overpowering this monstrous machine works too. (C)

Desolator AW

6 - Considering that you decide to use Roayl Air Fish for any reason in Battle Tower, then she comes with 40% dmg bonus vs Small or Medium creatures. That's by itself more than enough, so it's best to accompany it with Large or Boss bonus. However additional critical damage is not exclusive and you can top it all with it. (A)

(Position 2) Honor of Badger grants % dmg against Large or Boss enemies (2-4,10-15,20-25)
(Position 4) Wrath of Shark grants % crit dmg (10-20,40-60,80-100)
Ignore DEF is not a really an option here, game doesn't offer it :D

7 - This is really not be decided ever, depends on situation, which renders all options like right. (ABCD)

8 - Tengu is an unit from pre-fatique period and even when he's a very good healer he's just that. Do you remember when you last used it? The other two units have some limited use in DC, this one not, if you don't intend to feed your enemies. (B)

9 - Yes, sure Idols are rare rewards and as much as you get is Diamond Idol(s) from the Quest. There you go! (A)


10 -  There are two possibilities, though only one is given to be choosen. When there's Diamond Summon Event - this is with that lovely creature's boxes, at least one 3D Epic is guaranteed. And there's the second scenario, when is normal Diamond Summon, in such case is guaranteed only to receive at least one Epic. And the lowest, where it can go with dots is 2D (B)


11 - Abomination is a Black Giant. See them all below! (B)

NewsBanner AGiantAdventure

12 - You will receive Legendary Essence but it was an Idol, for a very long time. (A)

Month rewards

Thank you for taking our quiz, enjoyed it? There will be a second part. Stay tuned!

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