Bye Bye IvanOld proverb says that "all good things come to an end". I would add that unfinished as well. Today Ubisoft offically announced, that hotfix 2.2.1 released yesterday was the last one and farewell.

Long suffering is gone, this was, let to say, expected outcome.

We may certainly speculate, what, where and why that happened. But let admit that for more than a half year Ubisoft communication with a fans was sporadic at best. Only the die hard fans from Limbic, like Hero or Oakwarrior, and of course omni-presented deity Ubi-Moshi were here.

The future is in the mods and modders, which could do, especially with help of ex-developers, a miracles.

To memorize a bit. Twitch Show for Trial by Fire was cancelled. Team Erwin disbanded. Contract with Limbic wasn't prolonged. Mobile heroes game go to the China. Other M&M Titles are either already out of support period or with planned EOL like Duel of Champions.
And, not in the beginning but noticeably important, the launch of Heroes VII. was a disaster. Remember the dummy MM:H7 boxes in the shops? They are still here, in hope that shops will sell the game as they always did with M&M franchise. Steadily slow but for a long time. Never happened.

It was an interesting story, which now comes to an end.

I would like to thanks to Limbic and Ubisoft for their heroic effort (Ubisoft managers excluded). Now we need to shape a better future. Which always begin with vision and thorough thinking.

The topic with latest bugfix remains open here. To summ up a current game status, and help to decide for everyone interested in getting the game or playing it again.

For others there are many Heroes 3 mods, Heroes 4 Equilibris or Heroes 5.5 by Magnomagus.