Dark Magic

From the official site: The Dark Magic is favoured by the Necromancers and the Dark Elf Warlocks. Most of the spells of this school are aimed at lowering opposing creatures’ capacities or taking control of them. The most powerful spell is of course Curse of the Netherworld since it causes magical damage to all creatures on the battlefield except Undead and Demonic creatures.

Amongst the school of Darkness spells, you will find the Curse of Rage spell. It makes the affected stack disobey to its hero. The stack will automatically try to attack the closest creature with remote or melee attack causing heavier than normal damage. This spell is very useful when you want to distract or inflict damages to opposing casters, it is also a powerful tool to spread confusion within the enemy’s ranks when his stacks are packed…

Level I


  • Causes the selected enemy unit to inflict minimum damage in combat.
    Spellpower determines the duration of effect.

Cost: 4


  • Makes target enemy stack take fewer actions in combat.

Cost: 4

Level II


  • Destroys armor of target enemy stack, reducing its defense.Can be cast several
    times on a single stack, but defense will not go lower than zero.

Cost: 5


  • Inflicts plague on target enemy stack, the stack receives earth damage each time it
    takes an action.

Cost: 6

Level III


  • Weakens the target enemy unit to decrease its Attack.

Cost: 5


  • Makes creatures in target enemy stack forget what they are doing on a battlefield. Some of the affected creatures will forget to use shooting attacks and retaliation strikes.

Cost: 7

Level IV


  • Drives target stack of creatures frenzy. Frenzied stack considers all other creatures and war machines its personal enemies and attacks the nearest one with redoubled rage.

Cost: 8


  • Blinds the selected enemy creature so that it cannot move, attack or use any abilities. Blindness disappears if blinded creature is attacked. Spellpower determines the duration of effect.

Cost: 9

Level V

Curse of the Netherworld

  • Deals unholy damage to all the living non-infernal creatures on a battlefield.

Cost: 9

Puppet Master

  • Gives the hero temporary control over selected enemy unit. The spell does
    not work on undead, elemental and mechanical units.

Cost: 12