Summoning Magic

From the official site: The school of Summoning is mainly focusing on increasing the number of stacks on the battlefield, by duplicating, summoning or resurrecting troops. Few spells are dedicated to dealing damage or lowering abilities

Amongst the School of Summoning spells, we have the Phantom Forces spell, allowing a hero to create a Phantom, an illusory copy of the target stack which looks and acts as a mirror image. The Phantom will disappear once the battle is over, or if it is attacked once by an enemy stack, regardless of the damages inflicted. Of course, this spell can be cast only on a friendly stack. This spell is very efficient when you have an army made of casters or shooters braving stacks of melee units because it multiplies your range attacks.


Level I

Fist of Wrath

  • Summons magical fist to deal nonelemental physical damage to target enemy creature. This spell ignores magic resistance and protection from magic.

Cost: 5

Fire Trap

  • Puts several magical explosive mines on a battlefield. Mines are invisible to the

Cost: 6

Level II

Wasp Swarm

  • Summons a swarm of insects to inflict damage on the selected enemy creature.

Cost: 5

Raise Dead

  • Reanimates creatures in target friendly stack. Undead creatures are brought back to “life”, all other creatures are reanimated for the duration of the battle only.

Cost: 6

Level III

Phantom Forces

  • Copies the selected friendly unit. The copy has the same characteristics as original unit except that it disappears as soon as it recieves any damage (Incorporeal ability gives the copy 50% chance to avoid any damage).

Cost: 6


  • Earthquake damages town walls during a siege.

Cost: 7

Level IV


  • Creates a wall of fire in the selected area on battlefield. Deals fire damage to all
    creatures in this area during several turns. Length is up to three squares.

Cost: 8

Summon Elementals

  • Summons fire, earth, water or air elementals (depending on the battlefield terrain) to fight for the hero's cause.

Cost: 6

Level V

Conjure Phoenix

  • Summons on the battle time a Phoenix fighting on the hero’s side. Only one
    Phoenix can be on the battlefield in one moment

Cost: 20

Arcane Armor

  • Encloses target stack with magical energy shield that partly drains all damage dealt
    to the stack.

Cost: 10