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Worlds of Might and Magic - part I


Since we are undertaking a journey through the mysterious worlds of Might & Magic, it seems only natural to start our adventure by visiting the world of Varn, the very place where, 25 years ago, a valiant group of adventurers foiled the insane plans of the intergalactic criminal Sheltem, who had stolen the identity of the good king Alamar. The land is now peaceful again, cruising through the Void toward whatever goal the Ancients had in store for it.

Our journey on Varn begins in the legendary city of Sorpigal, in the region known as Pleasant Valley. We won't spend too much time admiring the statues depicting the travels of the legendary scholar Corak. Our itinerary takes us south, to Portsmith, the city once haunted by a devious Succubus. On our way there, we're stopping at Castle White Wolf, the fief of the powerful Lord Ironfist, cold and merciless as his name implies. It is rumoured Ironfist's father stole the crown by murdering his own brother, and that the true heir escaped to distant lands with a retinue of loyal knights. But better not speak of that within earshot of Castle White Wolf's suzerain.

In Portsmith, we take the ship to Algary, the swamp city, avoiding the tragic fate of the Jolly Raven, sunken in these waters a long time ago. From Algary we'll be travelling north to pay our respects to King Alamar, now old and doddery. His daughter Penelope will inherit the throne sooner than she expects, and it is said that evil forces are conspiring against her from their lair in the ruins of Castle Dragadune, in the Hollow Hills of the Invading Desert. We'll avoid that dreadful place while we cross the arid sands and stick to the path indicated on Lord Kilburn's maps. This should lead us to the twin fortresses of Blackridge, guarding the Ancient Way to the white glaciers of Varn.

There is so much left to see, from the fabled Castle Doom to the Swamp of the Dead, but it is already time for us to enter the Gates to Another World ...


Whereas Varn was an artificial nacelle created by the Ancients, Terra is a natural world seeded by the mysterious worldcrafters, once paralysed under the iron rule of the diabolical Sheltem. Our exploration of the Isles of Terra begins in the aptly-named town of Fountain Head, decorated by beautiful founts of blue marble, each engraved with an enigmatic feminine visage. Fortunately, the curse upon this town has long since been lifted. From here we travel eastward to Cripple Creek, avoiding the marauding Orcs and Goblins roaming the roads. Cherishing the dangers of this land, we take a keelboat to cross Piranha Bay (where the term "fishfingers" assumes a whole new meaning) to the lovely town of Baywatch.

Avoiding the Warlock Hills, we continue our journey south to Mount Keystone and the surrounding sands, where we discuss philosophy with the wandering desert Dwarves. They tell us of the newfound balance between the force of Good, Neutrality and Evil, following the defeat and escape of Sheltem. In addition, they claim that three lights spilled upward from the depths of the ocean that night and disappeared into the starry sky, hinting that the battle against the mad Guardian would be continued somewhere else in the Spinward Rim.

In Wildabar – once aswarm with Ninjas - a ship will take us to the Isles of Illusion, where the feuding ghosts of the wizards Greywind and Blackwind are locked in eternal battle. From there we'll continue west, then north, navigating the dangerous waters separating the fiery peaks of the Blistering Heights and the swampy Evermoors. We anchor at Castle Dragontooth, in the Frozen Isles, where an old bard sings the legend of Foerdhal the Mad and his senseless quest for the power of the Ancients.

The ultimate goal of our journey is to plunge deep below the waves to the sunken voidship Shikbath Zera, utilised by the Ancients to oversee this world long before the isles of Terra descended from the sky. The ship lies lifeless on the ocean floor, but one shuttle is still active, ready to take us to our next destination – the newly-created planet of Xeen.


As the magnificent world of Xeen detaches itself from the sea of stars and emerges in all its glory, it feels hard to believe this round planet was once a flat, two-sided world - another testament to the genius of the Ancients, capable of creating a whole new planet through the technology of Elemental Manipulation.

Once, Xeen's topology lay divided between the Cloudside and the Darkside. Much of the original geography still exists: we land in Newcastle, where the legendary sword that slew Lord Xeen was once forged. From here, we follow the road to Rivercity, where the ruins of Darzog's Tower can still be seen on the horizon. We continue west to Winterkill, a deathly settlement that loomed dangerously upon the edge of the world and now borders the (arguably equally dangerous) Aging Forest. In our eagerness to explore the former Cloudside, we follow the Barbaric Mountain Range to the city of Asp, which guards the entrance to the Desert of the Sphinx. We persevere north and enter another hemisphere, now crossing into what was formerly known as the Darkside.

Advancing through the frozen Quivering Forest, we reach the Parabolic Barrier. Renting two Griffins from a local herder, we fly above the mountains to the Pyramid of the Dragon Pharaoh, the old and wise Guardian of Xeen. From here, the horizons through the desert give way to Necropolis, the city of the dead. Our next goal leads us to visit the ruins of Castle Alamar, where Sheltem fought his last battle against the forces of Good. But this part of our journey proves much too perilous: the terrifying hydra-like Gamma Gazers guard the lava lakes, and we decide to back off to the Gemstone Range.

Our old friend the barbarian Yog then accompanies us to Castleview on the back of his trained armadillo. There, Queen Kalindra's advisor Ellinger takes us to the Sixth Mirror, the Portal that will bring us to our next destination ...