Most of the Heroes V information has been updated based on patch 1.3. The Town Details section now includes a single entry for each town, including a basic section for the Fortress, thanks to a new navigation. A new Skill Wheel for Hammers of Fate is also planned in time for the release of expansion #1. Various side-projects, Dark Messiah and Ubival's habit of changing lots of little things with each update delayed this much-needed update, but from now on we'll try to keep up with the patches.

Little is known so far about the Dwarves, their stats, their buildings and their skills, but hopefully that will change now that Dark Messiah is out and Hammers is available for preorder. Untitled Document

Defender (upgrade: Shieldguard)

  • Comprising the backbone of any Dwarven army, the Defenders are the Stone Halls' most numerous troops. Bolstered by their tough Dwarven armor, Defenders can hold their ground against the attacks of enemies much mightier than they are.
  • Shieldguards are battle-hardened warriors whose mission is to protect other Dwarven units. Using their mighty shields, they Shieldguards can build an unbreakable wall to decrease the damage inflicted by the attacking enemy. The greater the distance is for the enemy to move before attacking, the weaker their blow will be.

Spearwielder (upgrade: Skirmisher)

  • Spearwielders are one of the Dwarven army’s trump-cards. The shock of their attack and their skill with their heavy-bladed spears grant them a chance to decrease the enemy’s Speed and Initiative.
  • Spearwielders who master the difficult art of throwing their weapon -- accurately -- become Skirmishers, able to strike the enemy from a distance. They are thus doubly effective, having both a ranged attack while inbiting the enemy's Initiative and Speed. Like the Spearwielders, they remain dangerous in melee and are not penalized for their ranged attack skills.

Bear Rider (upgrade: Blackbear Rider)

  • No army can do without cavalry, whose object is to quickly reach and engage the enemy units. The Dwarves have tamed fierce bears for this, whose toughness and endurance compensate for their relatively lesser speed.
  • Blackbear Riders are the Dwarves` elite mounted troops. Their mighty beasts wear heavy armor and are rigorously trained to have improved vitality. In addition, the black bears can go into frenzy, striking the enemies with their paws and knocking them aside to decrease their Initiative.

Brawler (upgrade: Berserker)

  • The Brawlers are masters of hand-to-hand combat to the point where they disdain the use of weapons. they rely instead on ironclad gauntlets and the strength of their own limbs, which are sufficient to inflict heavy damage. So great is their dedication to their martial arts that they are immune to mind-affecting spells.
  • Berserkers are much like Brawlers, but armed with cruelly-bladed gauntlets. Berserkers may fall into a combat frenzy, losing some Defense but increasing their Offense greatly. When this happen, the Berserker attacks any nearby creature without suffering retaliation.

Rune Priest (upgrade: Rune Patriarch)

  • The Rune Priests are a special cast among the Dwarves, recruited from children born with golden eyes -- the mark of their god, Arkath -- who are selected and brought up as battle-mages. They strike the enemy from a distance and better resist to their foes` magical attacks. A Rune Priest can curse a target with the Mark of Fire, increasing the damage the target suffers from fire-related spells.
  • Certain highly-skilled Rune Priests who undergo consecrating rites in the most secret halls of the Deepflame clan become Rune Patriarches. Their searing attacks hit their enemies and start a blaze that affects nearby units.

Thane (upgrade: Storm Lord)

  • Thanes are not only great warriors, but also possess magical abilities. A Thane can teleport himself into his enemies’ ranks, slaughtering them by brute strength with his axe. In addition his axe fires off lightning bolts, striking nearby enemies. Thanes are immune to the element of Lightning.
  • The Storm Lords are Thanes who have dedicated their lives to mastering the power of mountain storms. Once per combat, a Warlord can strike a selected target and its neighboring units with a powerful lightning bolt.

Fire Dragon (upgrade: Magma Dragon)

  • Lava Dragons are the children of Arkath, the Dragon of Fire and patron god of the Dwarves. Like their distant relatives the Black Dragons, these majestic creatures can attack their enemies with their fiery breath, and they respond to enemy attacks with splashes of Phoenix-like fire. The Magma Dragons themselves, of course, are immune to Fire.
  • Magma Dragons seem to have indeed been built from burning stone. Rock-like scales interlaced with fiery veins provide these ardent giants with nearly impervious armor.