Patch 1.4 was released today, as announced on the official site. To install it, you need to connect to the game as was earlier practice, there is (sadly) no single file available for download. Steam players are encouraged to stay tuned for the patch to be released for them as well.

The contents of the patch are as follows:

- Added the Custom Map Exchange feature, allowing players to download missing maps in the lobby, from the host.
- Added the Archipelago map, previously available only during the Christmas event, in Skirmish mode (solo and multiplayer).
- Added features in the map editor:
* Help Files: Added tutorials in the Map Editor.
*Initial Map Setup: Set a trigger to set up the initial structure allowing to save a map right after creation.
* Unified Object Behavior: Implemented unified behavior for all affected objects (e.g.: object selection, scaling, rotation handling, etc.).
* Mini map: Removed the non-functional mini map from the Map Editor.

For patch 1.5, they will focus on balancing the game, tweaking unit stats, creature growth, spells etc. The only way to know if these tweaks are successful, is obviously to play the game after release of the patch.