The second part of Maciek's Heroes V quiz is entitled "Brittle birds". Let's see if you can solve it or come up with different solutions.

- Jhora wakes up with a terrible headache. Her town is in ruin and she doesn't know what happened last night. Her knowledge is a very low 4. And she is level 40. She thinks: "Hey, that town over there has an Altar of Wishes, perhaps I've been there last night?"
- Bad news: There is over a million Phoenixes blocking the way to that other town. And Jhora has only a single Peasant in her army. You think it can't get any worse? Well.. Instant Travel and Puppet Master spells are banned.
- Good news: Jhora has one thousand Spellpower. She doesn't know why, her knowledge is too low. She also has all the 2% skills in case you want any of them.
- Also: There is a lot of unguarded gold lying on the floor and a Memory Mentor nearby so that you have somewhere to spend it. There is nothing built in your starting town except a Village Hall and you can build nothing more in there. You should capture the enemy town on day 1, because there is a castle and some creature generators built (but the garrison is empty on day 1).

The answer to the first round is here.