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Mobile game designed by Jon Van Caneghem and his new company VC Mobile Entertainment, available for iOS and Android. Yes it does have that magic touch of Might & Magic, John did that again!

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  • When top 3 becomes top 4...


    Unusual but possible. What is good to know here is, that this is not overall rating but group rating. As there're several hundreds/thousands? groups and each of them have separate rating. There's global rating but it looks differently.

  • Jann's Vacation - Faerie Dragon

    Screenshot 2017 07 16 19 07 17

    Visiting Jann's Vacation Resort. Hearing sea, trees and mantis with cuddly faerie dragon in the background. Little, cozy beach to relax..

  • Creature Quest - Balance Changes

    A long awaited update 1.3.20 is here, if you feel that game is now faster - it's not a quirky dream, some animations for transition screens were shortened. There are many balance changes and  tweaks, see it outlined below:


    •  Shows 5 opponets to attack
    •  Better match-making, the same opponents should not cyclically return


    •  Long press the creature's icon (or fav within) to see
  • A nice day for shopping


    Hm what should I get, everything is so expensive...

  • One Upper

    02 reward for mmm keeping on

    Reward for one Upper, also, and that is super,
    there's reward for dotless troopers.

    If you played the game, then even if it's RPG side is weaker (or almost nill compared to M&M), you can feel JVC touch on every

  • New forum for Creature Quest

    newshornWe are opening Creature Quest forum. If you wish to discuss the game or you are curious ask your questions here.

    You can find all info about the game in Galaad's Pocket Battle Guide or in Game Summary. There's also a News thread.


    This is a mobile game,

  • Creature Quest - Eternal Phoenix

    CQ Eternal Phoenix

    Creature Quest - Eternal Phoenix (last stage of evolution).

    • Special burns single target for 450% PWR damage. and rest of the row for 20% lasting 3 turns
    • Heals itself from 30% HP and more when awakened, also rebirth once per combat when
  • Interview with Jon Van Caneghem

    Jon Van Caneghem
    January 2017
    JVC 2016

    Regular readers will know this name well: as one of the original founders of NWC and creator of the Might & Magic games, Jon is considered the

  • Interview with Tracy Iwata

    Tracy Iwata
    January 2017

    CreatureQuest 31. A quick bio: what's your story? How did you get into gaming and what's been your career so far?

    I got hooked on video games when I was

  • Interview with Bryan Farina

    Bryan Farina
    January 2017

    1. A quick bio: what's your story? How did you get into gaming and what's been your career so far?

    NWClogo"I started gaming in the late ‘70s when my tech-loving father got a PONG system for our TV.  Then  he bought a

  • Interview with Rob King

    Rob King
    January 2017


    Rob King is a name that will be familiar to fans of the Might & Magic franchise. Responsible for much of the music of previous games, his work serves to add that certain level of class needed to lift the gaming experience. It's been a while since we had our own talk with him - you can read that interview here.

  • JVC's Creature Quest Goes Global Jan 26

    CreatureQuestAs promised, we have been keeping tabs on the development of JVC's new operation: the mobile game Creature Quest developed by VC Mobile Entertainment. For a while, the game has been running a so-called "soft launch", being available only in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the Netherlands and Hong Kong. On January 26th,...
  • GamesBeat Interview JVC

    Creature Quest headGamesBeat did a really nice interview with JVC some days back, about the new Creature Quest game and some other stuff.


    Read the whole

  • JVC's Creature Quest

    JVC Creature QuestJon Van Caneghem's new game, Creature Quest, now has its own website and a trailer. Currently available "Down Under", you can sign up to the site to keep tabs on the development and further availability.
  • Creature Quest

  • Beginner’s Guide on Mantastic

    A beginner's guide for Creature Quest mobile game by JVC.
  • CQ Wiki

    As most of creatures are unknown, this site aims to serve as a guide.
  • Creature Quest News (official)

    Albeit not from Might & Magic franchise, it's just the best from Jon Van Caneghem. Creature Quest is mobile game for Android iOS, being pretty fast paced and fun! You don't need to pour your money in, if you have patience. The game consists of several parts.


    #1 - Collecting creatures from quests
    #2 - Upragding them for better stats and profound effects, and also for look
    #3 - Training them in Battle Tower
    #4 - Putting

  • HC Compendium

    Nice Creature Quest compendium on Heroes Community, including HC Kreegans guild invitation thread, just for HC members.
  • Unofficial Discord Channel

    Discord channel for discussing various things regarding Creature Quest game. As for status it's unofficial, though CQ Team lurk in.