Creature Quest

Mobile game by Jon Van Caneghem studio VC Mobile Entertainment. Beautiful offspring with Might & Magic touch. All your quests lead to adventure!

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Creature Quest

Postby Pol » May 7 2017, 10:49

Creature Quest Summary:

**Release Info:**
Developer: VC Mobile Entertainment
Release: July 2016 for Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Netherlands, and Hong Kong. Released worldwide at January 25 2017
Platform: Mobile only, Android &iOS
Music: Composed by Paul Romero & Rob King
Visual Developer: West Studio, see the art here

**Game Info:**
In Creature Quest you are questing and collecting creatures. The biggest change compared to Might & Magic games is leveling system. You don't get creature experience from combat, instead you are collecting gems for you color. The game follow simple (and honestly ingenious) rule: "Fire burn Nature, Nature soothe Air, Air cool Water and Water extinguish Fire. Obviously, there is also Life beats Death and Death crush Life addendum. This effectively replaces hates, as Angel vs Devil. And make this close to card system games."

There are no heroes. As player your aim is to get yourself boss creatures, epic to rare and combine them to sweep quests on highest difficulty and also enemy dungeons to get prestige and bonus weekly award - epic or legendary creatures with some goodies.

The game works strictly online and you need to be continually connected to internet.

This is not strictly pay for win game, getting diamonds serves only for speeding up your development. Need to say, that fully upgrading your creatures take a long time, so speeding up is certainly tempting.

You can:
#1 - Collect creatures from quests
#2 - Upgrade them for better stats and profound effects. Level them up, with use of gems and power totems. Each level has different look.
#3 - Train them in Battle Tower (for reward)
#4 - Put them into Your own dungeon to defend your honor, while you will be looting others dungeons for pure pun!
#5 - Become virtually rich in your throne room
#6 - Social activity: Looting Dungeons and Battling in Towers in teams!
#7 - Your units are immortal, you play for prestige not for life.

You cannot edit or create maps but you can fill up your dungeon. Be creative and test it after you are done!

System requirements:

For Android you should start with at least 1GB RAM device and prepare that you will lost most of multitasking, as the game will use almost all of your RAM.

* If you hit "Consume" gems for experience, you may receive different multipliers, 1x, 1.5x, 2x, ?. Go savvy and upgrade in batches.
* If the quantum of treasure is too big new treasuries will pop up under the ones already picked up.
* Totems can add maximally 100 to each primary attributes - HP, PWR, ATK, DEF, LUK.
* You can have up to 500 creatures in storage
* In your clickfest try to hit Donkey Caravan, this riches is weakly defended but fast to escape!
* Quick questing provides you just with fragment of treasure, for fragment of resource. It's fair but consider twice.
* Events are scheduled in the week, gold hunting is on the weekend in "The Wealthiest Tavern". If you desire for extra luck go with "Bewitching Bayou"
* Although it's wise to have different dots, if you have different group. You may have all the same if you have (almost) unicolor group. The key is to always hit dot combination.
* Combine colors in your group to beat color waves!
* Use Summons and get extra from Token Chest! And keep tokens for them.
* Awakening your creatures is possible when you reach last evolution level, check you have all stars. You can either use essences (very rare) or the same creatures gained from quests.
* To confuse enemy attacking your dungeon, swap your tomes and change secondary creatures abilities!
* The creatures with more dots attack first in your dungeon when defending it.
* As you are leveling up, you are offered another dungeons layouts, bigger. Train creatures to them in advance.
* As a player when you reach another level you will always get goodies and speed!
* If you will be short on challenge points, quick coins or speed you may got discount offer to buy them from your diamonds.
* Keep you diamonds handy, for example when you are upgrading your boss creature, there' handsome gems offer for 90 diamonds.
* When questing always try to visit rifts, to catch donkey caravan and buy from merchant
* Do you know that you can obtain Peri as your boss creature?

You can find one here and then more in Screenshots thread.

Creature Quest Wiki (unofficial) -> link
Gallad's Small Battle Guide -> link
Mantastic's Creature Quest Beginner’s Guide -> link
HC Compendium -> link
Get Creature Quest soundtrack - > Amazon or iTune
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Re: Creature Quest

Postby Pol » Jun 12 2017, 15:52

Grand Wish:
Monday - Defrost (blue)
Tuesday - Rescue (red)
Wednesday - Holiday (green)
Thursday - Vortex (yellow)
Friday - Fable (white)
Saturday - Tribute (black)
Sunday - all of them; they change each 4h (starting from Defrost in above order)
~by Avonu
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Re: Creature Quest

Postby Avonu » Jun 14 2017, 9:08

Events schedule and farmable creatures:

Clowing Around (Dire Wolf, Mechanical Owl, Light Elemental)
Forest Fliers (Smug Tengu, Panda Harraser, Treant)
Ogre the Top (Gnoll Thug, Ogre)
Lost Paradise (Siren)
Sky Safari (Wild Boar, Hyena Brigand, War Elephant)
Phantom Ransom (Kobold Swab, Dark Elemental)

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Re: Creature Quest

Postby Galaad » Jun 19 2017, 18:19

Maps of past seasonal quests.

Image Image Image Image

And current one:


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