At last Ubi's Master Cabir succeeded and after lot of hard effort created Acadamy section. There you can see short units description, Kaspar's commentary and pre-planned abilities. That all for likely final Cabir - Gargoyle - Golem - Djinn - Rakshasa - Apprentice - Arcane Eagle & Colossus line. Don't forget everything is in beta stage and nothing is final. Numbers are still a mystery.

Academy is now having nice touching theme - The Wizards Waltz, therefore we may summon Sound Council to place your opinion. You can compare with previous themes, For Green Falls and The Elven Coronation.

Concept of Heroes VI. Necropolis is touting a grand return. Everything is perfect here, we heard from Ubi, and the faction style suits new game. With Bone Dragon as top tier unit, Ebony Spider in the middle and apocalyptical Grim Reaper as second top tier unit. Necro line seems to be: Skeleton/Skeleton Hoplite - Ghost/Banshee - Ebon Spider/Death Spider - Lamasu/Plague Lamasu - Lich/Arch Lich - Vampire/Vampire Knights - Bone Dragon/Spectral Dragon - Grim Rider/Grim Reaper. No abilities are known, expect innovations, they were announced. Hear that traditional H3 Necromancy skill should be back on track. Our favourite Sveltana Anastasya could perhaps shed more true light there, in the future campaign. But for now my bets stay with Kaspar.