On a plus side:

 * Game survived and it's playable without bonus content and DLC because of these two simple tricks

in \Might and Magic X Legacy\Might and Magic X\Legacy_Data\StreamingAssets\Dialog\LevDialog.xml

Delete all four instances of:
<condition xsi:type="PrivilegeUnlockedCondition" privilegeID="1001" failState="DISABLED" />

In addition to the above, to make the bridge passable from the start of a new game, go into
StreamingAssets/Maps/theworld.xml and look for:

<Slot Height="6.13505" Terrain="BLOCKED" TerrainSound="NONE" MapArea="ASHEN_HILLS">

Change "BLOCKED" to "PASSABLE" and you'll be able to walk through the wagon, with the added advantage of being able to get Expert in skills like Shield or Spear without having to go through all of Act One.

Thanks to Bandobras Took for pointing that out here.

On a minus side:

 * Ubisoft decided to shut down their online servers 1.6.2021 for legacy games. As well as that's understendable, because of the game age. Game's DRM relies on them and without online servers reachable you can't use your bonus content or play the DLC. Which still can be bought. This is quite ironic.

With new Ubisoft titles appearing every year, we are faced with the decision to retire the services of our legacy titles."

The relevant paragraph concerns ULC.
"ULC (unlockable content) such as maps and skins will also be disabled, meaning that you will no longer be able to unlock them."

I assume that since entry to Act 2 and Fort Laegeaire require a change to the standard function of the game (removing the guard on the bridge to Seahaven and getting arrested when entering Karthal) that these changes were implemented as ULC.

The workaround detailed earlier on this thread then is the only way we can get past Act 1, and we can't get arrested and sent to Fort Laegeaire, unless we can convince Ubisoft to change these events to in game flags rather than ULC.


One can only hope, that they will rectify that error by removing this DRM protection, otherwise they may start to return money to all who bough DLC or any Deluxe Edition.

The remaining ULC is probably lost forever.

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