World Championship in Heroes 3 has started!

Poster World Championsship3 2It is an open, international tournament, with a stated goal of finding the best player in the world.

Four different eliminations - Poland, Russia, Ukraine & Belarus, and the 'rest of the world' (representing all countries not named before).

Do you feel overwhelmed by the tournament format? Worried that you aren't strong enough to participate? You are not alone, there are many who have similar doubts - all the more reason to overcome them! Also, it feels like a good time to remind you that the more players sign up for a given elimination, the more places in the final will be awarded to that elimination. So every player, no matter their skill or experience, can help their country.

You can find more info in two places.

First is the main website of the whole tournament, and the second is HotA discord - official communications channel of the tournament.