Balrog WGH2: Project Ironfist got a new coat and you can admire it on pages. The pages are not complete at this stage but all basic stuff has been already put in place. Sure that there are few more pics of "Big Balrog With Gun". Seeing cards, it's not certain what will be final name for this mighty cyber beast, it looks like that one of possible names with which it could ends, could be simply BB with Gun.

Ubisoft is playing Hide & Seek of Might & Magic, during last two weeks, some of official pages disapperead, re-appeared, moved or end in error, to pop up again later. Official pages been, has been not, get Cabir error and then returned today. Similarly was and is gone, seemingly forever. However the shop and forums remains untouched.

Whereas this is good, bad or meaning something we cannot judge. Although if you like conspirational teories it may be connected with question, which Kalah asked some time ago and posted in previous article. But rather they just move the content to different servers, used for games out of development cycle. Truth is bland usually.


And as a last get ready for Black Friday, which is the next one!