It took a long while, but GameSpot have finally published their review of Might and Magic: Heroes VI, giving it a score of 8 out of 10:

"Whether you're embarking on an epic contest with friends or adventuring through the dozens and dozens of hours of campaigns, Might & Magic Heroes VI is very entertaining. The appeal of Heroes games has always come from the three pillars of exploration, development, and combat, and the action is in fine form here. Beautiful new lands and creatures provide a welcoming world to explore, streamlined development makes it a pleasure to build up your towns and heroes, and tactically rich combat fills your fights with potential. Though the name may have changed, the allure is the same, and Might & Magic Heroes VI is bound to entice both veterans and newcomers alike."

The score might be lower than the previous game of the series (III had 9.1, IV had a surprising 8.8 and V had 8.2), but the positive bottom line comes as a blessing for Ubisoft/Black Hole after several review with mixed feelings. GameSpot overlooked the technical issues experienced by many players and focused mostly on the gameplay.

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