MM:EGWe have been hinted, that Ubisoft is trying something new. Not a full game but Android offspring. That is another non main stream game: Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

The game went live on 17 March and it was silently being tested until then. Ubisoft prepared support pages, forum , twitter and HD video. Especially from HD video it seems  that game will be running on lower phone configurations. And looks to be pretty simple as it would been expecting younger audience.

Most likely with completely new team behind it and at this time with no more info available about them. Neither they published an expected release date. Again, pure Ubisoft production.


Might & Magic: Showdown is getting its own stage, seemingly pretty much successfully. I won't be discussing dynamic of fights but only gallery of aesthetically painted figurines. Take a ride in the gallery below. smile teeth

 chair-zleesUnCleWusMisty MistysMisty Mistys-2Newt CharmandersYouve gotta start somewhereTalon Warlocks-2PicOuiXsMaTheMeatloafsgrantosShowdown Elfe GaucheThe Angle of RainbowTitanLazarustypical UbiWhen the society falls we riseZGBoolsMake America Great AgainVikingsTomsolosBanezillasTalon Warlocks


 That's all folks!