Hello everyone! News from iLiVeInAbOx05:

A new H4MG build is ready for download. Go here to get it! If you haven't tried it out yet, read the instructions, otherwise just scroll to the bottom of the page and download it :)

The AI Enhancing portion of the H4MG has come far enough along that it’s ready to be released. Additional AI enhancing events and features will continue to be developed and released (discussed in this thread.)

Here is a video with a demonstration and info:

Here is a what can be done with the AI panel:
- Add a number of AI enhancing events at the push of a button.
- Clear all AI enhancing events at the push of a button.
- Edit the AI enhancing events while being able to restore the events to their defaults.

Planned features for the AI panel:
- Save / load your AI profile (the settings you prefer for AI enhancements).

Here is a list of events / scripts implemented followed by those still on the way:
AI Enhancement
- Show entire map for AI
- Make every player "vital" under AI properties
- Events to give gold / resources to AI (including recurring increases)
- Increase starting level of AI heroes
- Reduce neutrals on encounter for AI (fewer AI losses while still gaining normal experience)
- Increased AI movement
- Increased AI experience
- Increase dwelling populations for AI towns
- Starting skills for new AI heroes. (Need suggestions for skill combinations)
- AI artifact sorting (PatFX working on this)
- AI hero stat buffs

- Balancing mechanism for neutral armies for each difficulty level
- Make the AI options tunable for difficulty. The easiest way to do this would be to have a selectable percentage reduction applied for each difficulty level under champion.
- Control neutrals vs. an opponent.

This release also includes a feature to copy/paste or move a selected area of a map. Note: move will only work on the same map and level. See the video below for a demonstration/explanation!

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