I want you for WoG 3.59 :) WoG goes open-source!

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I want you for WoG 3.59 :) WoG goes open-source!

Unread postby GrayFace » 19 Dec 2013, 09:11

It's been a long time. 9 years since 3.58f. Over 5.5 years since I started working on and off on 3.59 executable in CoreWoG team.
Right now I've arrived at a pretty strong and stable intermediate version and personally have the time to push things forward. Only a few WoG Team/CoreWoG people are still active, so it's time to get new people on board.
First, here is alpha version of WoG 3.59: https://github.com/GrayFace/wog
It's open source. Doesn't include any parts of new towns. You're welcome to test it, it can be downloaded from Releases. I should warn you that I'm sure there's a lot of bugs to be discovered, new WoGification scripts are barely tested and there's 1 bug that results in a crash.

Most important changes:
- Lua scripting (with full support of ERM commands). This is the recommended, conflict-free way to make scripts. See info\AboutLua.txt for brief introduction.
- New Lua-based custom dialogs. Any standard dialog can be controlled as well. This functionality is not exposed to ERM scripts. See info\Tutorials\dialogs.htm for brief introduction.
- Custom LODs loaded by scripts.
- Mods support. In progress.
- Various new receivers and triggers. For example, GOTO in ERM. See info\ChageLog*.txt files.
- New scripts made by original WoG Team.

What needs to be done:
- New towns support. In progress.
- Finishing mods support, adding custom SND and VID archives etc.
- Incorporating HD Mod or compatibility with it. Implementing various features of Era.
- New graphics for menu. Campaign menu now includes SoD campaign as well. Campaign buttons should be reorganized somehow.
- Fixing wogification scripts. Reorganizing them to be managable.
- New towns themselves.
- Updating ERM Help to include new ERM stuff and information on Lua scripts API.

So, if you want to take part in WoG 3.59 or mods for it, please add yourself to my Skype: sergroj_(my nickname). From my previous experience I think Skype group text chat is best for team conversations. Send me an email/PM if Skype is a problem for you for some reason.
My patches: MM6 MM7 MM8. MMExtension. Tools. Also, I love Knytt Stories and Knytt Underground. I'm also known as sergroj.

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