Generating a bitmap based on models + terrain

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Generating a bitmap based on models + terrain

Postby Anubis » Jun 8 2020, 6:37

In Icons.LOD for MM6 and MM7, there are BMP files (out01, out02, oute1, oute2, etc.) of the overworld maps (e.g. map of erathia, new sorpigal, emerald isle, etc.) and I'm assuming that these maps were automatically generated based on the models/terrain in the map.

I'm just wondering if there's any tools like this available for the public.

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Re: Generating a bitmap based on models + terrain

Postby GrayFace » Jun 12 2020, 6:32

Yes, they're rendered, then post-processed (except in MM6). Here's not-quite a guide that I've made back in the day: ... p.rar?dl=1
It involves Blender and Corel Photo-Paint. I didn't use GIMP back then.
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